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Sung in movies like No One Killed Jessica, Umar, Udaan, etc. A jury on Zee TV's Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs show, 2007.

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Course Summary

This is an online, live, 1-on-1 beginner course in Bollywood and Playback singing. Taught over the duration of 12 weeks in the form of weekly 45 minute sessions, this course focuses on vocal development and semi-classical training when it comes to the genres of Bollywood music and Playback music. This course will be taught by the Shriram Iyer Music Academy, which includes Shriram Iyer himself and his trained instructors who will be making sure to guide you on every step of your musical journey as a student. The most important prerequisite to this course is that the enrolling students need to record a video of themselves singing and submit it before the free meeting session so that the academy knows your singing level and can also customize your curriculum accordingly.

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Teacher's Profile

Shriram Iyer Music Academy

Experience: 10 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Bollywood Singing, Teaching
  • Education

    Bachelor of Commerce, GNIIT, from Mumbai

  • Work Details

    Owner - Om Creations

About the Course

This course is suitable for those students who wish to join the Bollywood industry as playback singers or earn their tickets to fame by making it big on YouTube, Instagram, or any other online, social media-related platform. The 12-week beginner course is for those students who wish to pick up the basics of Bollywood and Playback singing. In this course's curriculum, the enrolled beginners will learn how to recognize their own scale, pitch, and tempo for every or any song they choose to sing. The instructor for the course will be ensuring that you receive a detailed walk-through of the basic intricacies and you will also learn how to control your voice, modulate it, and will also be taught a few breathing exercises to ensure that you don't go out of breath. The instructor will also ensure that you develop an understanding that will help you identify which songs will suit you and which won't. Apart from this, enrolled students will also be taught economic ways in which they could record their own singing in the best way possible and present the given song/cover in the best possible manner. Each student will have their own unique goal and the Shriram Iyer Music Academy will ensure that the curriculum, the instructor as well as the entire set of sessions through the 12 weeks is customized to help the particular student achieve their aim. The most important prerequisite to this course is that the enrolling students need to record a video of themselves singing and submit it before the free meeting session so that the academy knows your singing level and can also customize your curriculum accordingly. Students who wish to be specifically trained under Shriram Iyer himself would need to inform the instructors beforehand in the free meeting session. 

About The Shriram Iyer Music Academy: This course will be taught by the Shriram Iyer Music Academy - which represents Bollywood playback singer Shriram Iyer and his academy of music teachers who will be teaching the students who sign up for this course but these lessons will be monitored and examined in close detail by the playback singer himself. Founded in the year 2010 by Bollywood playback singer and mentor Shriram Iyer, The Shriram Iyer Music Academy focuses on nurturing upcoming vocal talent in various genres of Indian music like Indian classical, semi-classical, Bollywood, Sufi, and fusion music. The two instructors who would be teaching on ipassio from the Academy would be Vibha Kale and Nilesh. Nilesh is an Indian Singer who received his classical training from the late Pandit Shivananda Patil. Nilesh loves teaching music and performs in private shows as a hobby. Nilesh is a working executive and passionately dedicates his time to teaching light classical music.

Nilesh belongs to a musical family and is a father of 2 grown-up kids, both pursuing full-time careers in music under Nilesh’s guidance. Nilesh has performed live with Shriram Iyer on numerous occasions all over the world. Vibha’s earlier professional direction was law. But she decided to quit her profession as a lawyer and pursue music. She is a stage artist and has been performing regularly for events and concept shows for over 5 years. She is a faculty at prominent Bollywood Singer, Shriram Iyer's Music Academy, and has actively been teaching students all across the globe. She also has a Youtube channel of her own. Students who are enrolling in the Shriram Music Academy can expect an immersive online, live, 1-on-1 learning experience with this singing academy where its faculty will solely focus on their vocal talent and how to boost it to the maximum. These online classes will be taken by Shriram as well as experienced teachers who have been personally mentored by him. While signing up and opting for the free meeting sessions, students are requested to submit a video recording of themselves singing so that the faculty could derive the level at which they are and where they could improve. This would help as the instructors would be accordingly assigned. 

About Shriram Iyer: Multilingual singer and performer Shriram Iyer began his career in 1998. He specializes in modern concepts and is known for his unique ability to blend various genres of music. Well-versed in Classical, Bollywood, Sufi, and Fusion, Iyer’s command of the many musical genres has led him to a place of notoriety within the musical community. Iyer has performed playback singing for films including ‘IQBAL’, ‘Umar’, ‘Udaan’, ‘No One Killed Jessica’, ‘Shor in the City’, and more. The seasoned singer has also composed and sung title tracks for many serials including ‘Shaabaash India’, ‘Titan Antakshari’, ‘Hero Honda Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Lil Champs’ & ‘Rock N Roll Family’ for the Indian media and entertainment conglomerate Zee TV, and also ‘Zinda Dil’ for the Indian channel Zee Next. Times Music launched Iyer’s album ‘OM- a fusion’ which has since been nominated for the Sangeet awards held in San Francisco. Recently in March 2020, Shriram Iyer has started shooting as Jury for ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Lil Champs’ - a musical reality show on Zee TV.


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Bollywood songs have been an integral part of Bollywood movies. So much that the first sound film Alam Ara (1931), had 7 songs, then Shirheen Farhad(1931) and Indra Sabha had 42 and 69 songs.

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