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by Ramya T

15 Years Experience

Composed, produced, wrote, and released my own EP.

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Course Summary

The Online Carnatic Vocal Music course is a beginner’s course, where our expert Ramya T. will guide you through 1-on-1 onliVe (online + live) sessions.This course has been crafted for students aiming to learn Carnatic vocal music from scratch. The foundational course will be covered in a span of 8 weeks, with a 40 minutes session per week. This beginner-friendly course will help you understand the basic elements of Carnatic vocal music, the raga, and the taala. Expert Ramya will introduce her students to ‘Aadi Taalam’ and ‘Maayamalavagowla Ragam’ and ways to sing songs through their combinations. With this course, you will be able to enjoy your musical journey under the undivided guidance of mentor Ramya T. on ipassio. 



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Teacher's Profile

Ramya T

Experience: 15 Years

From: United States

  • Education

    B.A. (Hons) in Music from KM Music Conservatory/ Middlesex University.

    MBA from SP Jain

  • Work Details

    Musician, Writer, Singer, Teacher - Music

About the Course

Carnatic Music is the classical music of South India and is one of the most soul-soothing music genres. The 1-on-1 Online Carnatic Vocal Course by Ramya T. will help the students to lay a strong foundation of this music genre. This foundational course will first help the students acquaint themselves with breathing and vocalization techniques, required for picking up singing skills. Mentor Ramya will introduce her students to Sarali Varisai, Dhatu Varisai, and Janta Varisai, which are the fundamental exercises of the Swaras or the notes of Carnatic music. Through these exercises, students will get control over the notes and their combinations. 

Mentor Ramya will help her students to understand the elements of Carnatic vocal music through the ‘Aadi Taalam’ and the ‘Maayamalavagowla Ragam’. She will encourage and guide her students to attempt small improvizations and create their own little melodies within the raagam and taalam. This will help students to overcome the creative blocks in their learning journey. 

About the Teacher

Our Carnatic vocal music expert is a musician, writer, and teacher. She has done her graduation in the engineering sector and has worked in the tech industry. After which she followed her passion to make her name in the world of arts, aesthetics, and stage mainly via music and literature. 

Ramya has done BA (Honours) from Middlesex University, London, on an A.R. Rahman Scholarship. She has studied both Indian and Western Classical music. She has also studied voice and composition and has written a thesis on cross-cultural music complemented with original music compositions. She has performed solo Indian classical and contemporary concerts and toured with Grammy winner A.R. Rahman.

She is now an independent composer, producer, songwriter and recently released an EP under the artist name “Mukura”. She has taught many students, young and old in India and has moved to the US recently. 



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Carnatic music has one of the most intricate rhythmic systems in the world. There are 108 classical talams, or rhythm cycles, that assist in keeping time when performing a song. Many additional talams have been added over time, bringing the total number to over 175.

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