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Basics of Indian Classical Singing For Beginners

by Shriram Iyer

This 18-week course by ipassio focuses on vocal development and training for absolute beginners. This Vocal Development Course is best for students who are looking to improve their vocals and wish to flourish further as singers - on a weekly basis. Expert vocalist and acclaimed Bollywood singer Shriram Iyer trains students through vocal music training in a series of weekly, live, 1-on-1 lessons in advanced techniques, practices, and ragas. At the completion of this course, learners will have a well-developed musical understanding.

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    18 Weeks

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Educator Profile

Shriram Iyer

20 Years Experience

From: India

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    hindustani vocal
  • Education

    b com, Gniit from mumbai

  • Work Details

    Owner - Om creations

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Course Details

There are innumerable benefits to learning this course. This long-term series of sessions start off with how to recognize our best scale for practice, a detailed walk-through of the basic fundamentals, including learning how to get control on basic sargam, swar positions, swar recognition & taal sense. The teacher for this particular course, Shriram Iyer requests that students attend with an open mind, and trust in his ability to guide you through the course content. The singing techniques that will be used to teach this course by him, will be taken from Indian classical music and so, apart from picking up the basics, you will also be introduced to this genre indirectly. You will also pick up many breathing techniques and exercises, their dynamics, and learn how they will help you in your singing journey. Next, learners will learn basic sargam exercises which become a base for further lessons & songs. These will help in improving the voice quality and endurance through advanced exercises. Students will also learn simple songs with notation and taal, in different simple ragas. This course is perfect for those endeavoring to pursue a musical hobby. Each student’s goals will determine the course content and direction - it will be customized according to the needs of the student and the same will be established and maintained with instructor Shriram Iyer during the initial online course.


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