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Music Theory | Trinity College of Music | Grade 2 to Grade 5

by Jason Quadros

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Students will have the opportunity to tailor this course to their current level of understanding in music theory, choosing between four course outlines of increasing difficulty from Trinity College of Music, London. Each course covers different topics in music theory—ranging from time signatures and scales to minor keys and chord progression. Perfect for students who already have a rudimentary understanding of music theory, this course is taught by expert performer and educator Jason Quadros over a period of 15 to 30 weeks. 

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    Educator Profile

    Jason Quadros

    12 Years Experience

    From: India

    • Teacher Skill Keywords:

      Keyboard, Music Theory, Piano, Trinity College of Music
    • Education

      Bachelors in Computer Science from St. Xavier's College, Goa

      Diploma in Audio Engineering from School of Audio Engineering, Chennai

      Grade 8 Keyboard from Trinity College of Music, London

      Grade 8 Music Theory from Trinity College of Music, London

      Grade 8 Piano from Trinity College of Music, London

    • Work Details

      Keyboard Teacher - Pilar Music School, Goa

      Substitute Keyboard Teacher - Kala Academy, Goa

      Music Educator - Jason's Music School

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    Course Details

    In this course, students are welcome to choose the direction of their learning depending on their existing level of knowledge in music theory. Lessons from grades 2 through 5 from Trinity College of Music, London are offered by experienced performer and music educator, Jason Quadros. Each student in this course will benefit from Mr. Quadros’ extensive education and experience in instrumental music and music theory, providing each student with the information they need to grow as musicians. See below for details on each grade. 

    Grade 2 topics cover note values, time signatures, metronome markings, relative major and minor scales, broken chords, musical sequence, and transposition, in addition to many other lessons. Students will also learn to write their own tune to a given rhythm and analyze a simple piece of music. Grade 3 topics cover compound time signatures, quaver triplets, anacrusis, new keys and how to work out the key of a piece, real and tonal sequences, chord progression, and four-part chords, in addition to many other lessons. Students will also learn to write their own tune to a given rhythm and analyze a piece of music. Grade 4 topics cover alto clef and notes, irregular time signatures, harmonic rhythm, how to set words to rhythm, enharmonic equivalents, chromatic scale, new keys, and dominant 7th chord, in addition to many other lessons. Students will also learn to write their own music, including writing for bassline, and learn to analyze a piece of music. Grade 5 is the most advanced of the course outlines offered, covering tenor clef and notes, semiquaver triplets, new time signatures, major pentatonic scales of C and G, new keys, transposing music by any major, minor, or perfect interval, supertonic triads, and imperfect cadence, in addition to many other advanced lessons. Students will also write their own piece of music and learn to analyze other pieces of music. This course is taught with the students’ chosen grade in the Music Theory textbook and workbook published by Trinity College of Music, London. Each student will need to purchase a copy of this book, as well as a music manuscript book used to practice notation and exercises, both of which can be found at most local music stores or online.

    About Jason Quadros: Jason Quadros is an expert performer and educator with over a decade of experience and seeks to bring that experience to each of his lessons. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from St. Xavier’s College, Goa and a diploma from the School of Audio Engineering, Chennai, making him an excellent online educator. In addition, he studied keyboard, piano, and music theory at Trinity College of Music, London, and won the Hannam Clarke Award for highest marks. Mr. Quadros has been teaching music for over eight years and is committed to providing an education to each of his students in a way that can be efficiently digested.


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