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Online Abacus Lessons | Beginner Level | Learn under C Bhuvaneswari

by Vijayalakshmi Academy of Arts

This beginner course on Abacus by S Bhuvaneswari will be taught Onlive (Online + Live), on a 1-on-1 basis. All the topics in the beginner category will expose the enrolled students and abacus lovers to skills, photographic memory, visualization skills, increasing speed, higher concentration, attaining accuracy, and proficiency in all subjects. Abacus is a very foundational and systematic learning process which involves the movement of the beads with your eyes, and then think with your brain and make a move with your fingers. Due to this, this 2000-year-old technique remains the most sought-after course for learning even at this digital age.

  • Course Duration

    24 Weeks

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  • Instruction Language

    English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil

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  • Zoom

US$14.4(1-on-1 Class)

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Recommended - 1 Week = 2 Classes

1 Class = 60 minutes

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Educator Profile

Vijayalakshmi Academy of Arts

16 Years Experience

From: India

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    experienced in teaching

Course Details

This beginner course on Abacus by S Bhuvaneswari will be taught over the span of 24 weeks. Your instructor for this course, S Bhuvaneshwari will be teaching enrolling beginner students, the introduction to Abacus tools and basic concepts. These include the addition and subtraction of numbers using abacus formulas. These formulas will be applied from single-digit numbers to double-digit numbers to digits with four rows as well. Enrolled students will also be receiving certification upon completion of this beginner course successfully. This course will be helpful as it will help the beginners to improve their concentration, their observation, and listening skills, their visualization and imagination will be enhanced, their memory will be strengthened, their speed and accuracy will be amplified, their creativity will be boosted, their self-confidence will be increased and their academic foundation will be strengthened.

About the teacher: S Bhuvaneswari is a highly experienced certified trainer in Abacus and Vedic maths who has more than 2 decades of experience in the field of Vedic mathematics. She is a trained school teacher and abacus and a Vedic maths teacher too. Throughout her life teaching has been her passion. Her specialty is that any kid who doesn’t like maths and calculation also easily gets her concepts with her clear step-by-step instructions and explanation. She is very much approachable in clarifying the doubts without any hesitation and ready to repeat the concepts again until the kid understands.


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