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Online Photography Course for all levels | Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

This is an OnliVe (online+live) 11-week course designed to teach photography to people of all levels, from absolute novice to seasoned photographers. The goal is to make you a better photographer at the end of the course by not only imparting theoretical knowledge but also sharing practical tips and tricks that are key to better photography. Every 45-minute weekly session in this course is designed to be very interactive and customizable based on the needs and skill level of the student.

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    Educator Profile

    Abbas Amir

    16 Years Experience

    From: United States

    • Teacher Skill Keywords:

      Landscape, FineArt, Nature, Photographer
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      Admin Critic - 1x

    Course Details

    Every session in the 'Online Photography Course for all levels | Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced' course is designed to be very interactive and customizable based on the needs and skill level of the student. This course is for 11-weeks, taking place in weekly 45-minute sessions each week. The great part is, that the students are not required to commit for the entire 11-weeks, they can start with just buying 4 classes i.e. 4 weeks on the checkout page since ipassio follows a subscription model wherein you can refill/renew for more weeks once you complete your previously purchased lessons. Further, in one session you may end up going home with a practical assignment, and in another, we may critique your work to help you understand the scope of improvement in your photos. In one session we may do hands-on exercises using different kinds of light sources to understand the light, which is the very essence of photography, and in another, we may just play around with our cameras to try out different photographing techniques. Beyond fundamentals and reviewing your portfolio, we will also cover different genres of photography and their subtleties. Post-processing a.k.a. editing plays an important role in modern photography so we will spend some time, in the end, learning the basics of photo editing and may dive deep into it should it be desired by the student.

    The course will cover the following topics. The first four mandatory and the rest of them can be adjusted based on your skill level and needs:
    a) Fundamentals: In fundamentals, Abbas will cover - 1) Exposure triangle: what is exposure and what is exposure triangle; 2) Understanding light: understanding light and its different forms and shapes, for example, soft light, hard light, etc; 3) Composition: what composition is and how it plays an important role in creating a great image; and 4) Assignment.
    b) Knowing your camera: 1) Learning different controls of your camera; 2) Strength and limitations of your camera; 3) Becoming best friends with your camera; 4) Shooting in RAW, and 5) Assignment.
    c) Getting the Exposure Right: 1) Using an exposure triangle to your advantage, 2) Learning the importance of histogram and how to read it, 3) Handling extreme and complicated lighting situations, and 4) Assignment.
    d) Composition: 1) What makes a great photograph?, 2) Principles of good composition, 3) Rules of composition, 4) Tips and Tricks and leveraging grid lines in your camera, and 5) Assignment.
    e) Reviewing photographs: 1) Self-evaluation of your photographs, 2) Critiquing work of other photographers, 3) Reviewing images of great artists, and 4) Assignment.
    f) People Photography: 1) Posing basics, 2) Best lighting for shooting people, 3) How to be creative in shooting people, 4) Bokeh and depth of focus, and 5) Assignment.
    g) Nature Photography: 1) Basics of Macro photography, 2) Working with slow shutter speeds, 3) Importance of gear and accessories in nature photography, 4) Developing observation and perspective, 5) Location preparation, and 6) Assignment.
    h) Wildlife Photography: 1) Understanding the animal behavior, 2) Gear needed for wildlife photography, 3) Getting the exposure and focus right for fast-moving subjects, and 4) Assignment.
    i) Post Processing: 1) Learning to use your favorite photo editing app, 2) Optional: Learning to use Lightroom CC, 3) Optional: Lightroom Classic, 4) Optional: Learning to use Photoshop, 5) Optional: Photo backup strategy and organizational tips, and 6) Assignment.
    j) Smartphone Photography: 1) Getting the best out of your phone camera, 2) Learning to carefully use editing software on your phone, 3) Shooting in RAW, and 4) Assignment.
    k) Upgrading your Gear: QA on gear and gear upgrade.

    About the Coach: Abbas Amir is a self-taught photographer and loves shooting pretty much any and all kinds of subjects on earth. But shooting nature is very close to his heart and he loves spending time in the wild making images of some unseen natural beauties and sharing them with the world. He has participated in a couple of photography exhibitions showcasing some of his landscape work. He has also served as an admin critic for more than a year on 1x, a curated website comprising fine art photographs from handpicked artists across the world.


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