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During the course of 12 weekly 45 minute classes, voice teacher Linda Lewellyn will find out what each student wishes to do with their voice, ascertain what is needed to achieve these goals, and create a individualized vocal work-out plan. Also, students will find that as their singing ability and knowledge increases, so does their confidence. Linda's expert guidance is invaluable, so when students commit to putting quality time and thought into singing under her care, they will become better singers!

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Broomfield, CO
United States

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12 Weeks
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Educator Profile

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26 Years Experience
From: United States
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University of Naropa, Boulder, Colorado
The Psychology of Health & Healing
University of Naropa, Boulder, Colorado
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Voice with Linda Lewellyn
Organization / Institute Name
University of Naropa

Course Details

In each of the 12 weeks, 45-minute voice lessons, Linda will cover all of the following aspects of singing with the student:

  • breathwork; learning when and how to breathe effectively while singing
  • relaxation
  • support
  • enunciation
  • shaping or placing vowels
  • flexibility
  • range
  • pitch
  • basic musicianship for singers

About the Teacher: Linda Lewellyn has spent many years performing with her own band singing jazz, soul, and rhythm and blues as well as performing in other bands, singing as part of professional choirs, writing and performing her own solo music. After a varied and exciting career in New York, Linda moved to Colorado to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Music at Naropa University, where she also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in The Psychology of Health & Healing and is currently an Adjunct Faculty professor teaching voice. Linda is also certified to teach pop vocal technique known as The Wave Method created by Divy Nelson, and has also completed Level 1 of the Estill Voice Method.

The ipassio Edge

Students enrolling for this course on ipassio can be sure that they receive individual attention from the teacher, as the class strength is limited to 1 student. It also gives teachers the opportunity, to gauge their student's progress in-depth and make changes whenever and wherever required, to ensure the student gets the maximum out of this course. Since this course is detailed, students get the advantage of learning intricate details about Mallet Instruments. The limited strength of the class also ensures that there is a strong bond between the students and their teacher clearing out any inhibitions that the student might have. The sustained guidance available from the teacher ensures that the student does not deviate from set goals or targets. Learning from a revered, experienced exponent of Mallet Instruments, through the long duration of this course, keeps the student inspired and motivated to achieve more.

Course Specific Benefits

The specific benefits of this 12-week course for students is learning the foundations towards achieving:

  • a stronger voice
  • new vocal knowledge & skills
  • experience singing in front of someone
  • increased confidence
  • learning how to choose the right key for your songs
  • basic communication with an instrumentalist/accompanist

There are no course prerequisites and no experience is necessary for beginner students, however, they must be ready and willing to practice and work out their voice regularly in between lessons. Recording each lesson can also prove very helpful to students when practicing.

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How much time should a student enrolling for this course practice everyday?
Students should practice a minimum of 30 minutes every day. If they can devote more time to practice, they will learn better and faster.
What if a student is unable to attend an upcoming class?
The student is required to inform the teacher about his absence from a particular session, two days prior to the class. In such a case, the teacher will reschedule the class and conduct the rescheduled class on or before the end (i.e. Saturday) of the ensuing week or such other time as may be mutually decided between the teacher and the student. In case the student misses to give two days prior notice about his absence to the teacher, then the decision to conduct another class for that student is completely based on teacher’s discretion.
What if the teacher wishes to reschedule a class?
In case the teacher is unavailable for the scheduled class, he/she will inform the students two days prior to the class. The teacher will conduct the rescheduled class on or before the end (i.e. Saturday) of the ensuing week or such other time as may be mutually decided between the teacher and the student.
How long will the teacher take to revert to a query raised after class hours?
The teacher will try to revert back to queries raised after class hours within a 24 hour period.
Can this course be customized?
Yes, this course can be customized based on your goals and objectives.
Can students of all age enroll to learn this course?
Students aged 10 or above can join this course

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