Upright Bass | Online Personalized Lessons

About the course

Double Bass Private Lessons are a 1-on-1 custom course that will be attuned to your exact level of musicianship. Instructor, Sascha Jacobsen will work with you to focus on all aspects of good technique and musicianship on the double bass, improve all aspects of technique on the bass, and also ensure that you gain an overall understanding of rhythm, harmony, melody and bass lines, as well as the role of bass in music. Sascha can also explore any style of music that is in your interest, i.e. Classical, Blues, Jazz, Salsa (Afro-Cuban), Brazilian, Flamenco, Tango, Eastern European, etc.

Sascha Jacobsen
20 Years Experience
15 Weeks

per week per student

1 week = 1 class
1 class = 45 minutes