Basics of Konnakol | Vocal Percussion - Level II

About the course

This course will build on the topics taught in the basics course. It will look in detail at the different patterns of Konnakol, dwelling further into the tala system. This course will further explore the different permutations and combinations of using syllables, alongside advance learning related to Konnakol. Students undergoing this course will get a better, in detail understanding about different patterns in Konnakol. They will further their skills in vocal percussion by learning and exploring different permutation and combinations of syllables used within the framework of tala or rhythmic cycles. 

Manjunath BC
30 Years
from Ganakalabhushana K N Krishnamurthy, Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr T K murthy
Konnakol, World Musician
25 Weeks
per week per student
1 week = 1 sessions
1 session(s) = 60 minutes