Bollywood Singing Course for Beginners | Group Class of 2

About the course

Learn basic voice techniques in this Bollywood singing course for beginners. This course is for a group of 2 students.  The group can be formed only by siblings or family members or known friends or colleagues. Students will be able to sing Indian and Sufi songs as well as Ghazals. Voice throwing and culture will be covered, enabling students to understand and perform songs in a traditional style while also adding their own personality and flair to the musical pieces. The course is for those aged over five and takes place across 2 x 60-minute classes over 24 weeks. Since there will be 2 students in the same section, you and the other student would be eligible to get a 25% discount on the teacher fee mentioned here.

Atri Kotal
15 Years Experience
from Ustad Jainul Abedin
Indian Music, Sufi Music, light music
24 Weeks

per week per student

1 week = 2 classes
1 class = 60 minutes