Lessons for Making Music with the Electric Bass

About the course

Grooving! Funky! Rocking! If these descriptions sound good to you then you've picked the right instrument! With Making Music with the Electric Bass, you'll go from how to hold, play, and get a good sound from the bass all the way to playing feel-good bass lines & solos that will get you and your bandmates smiling and tapping your feet. Whether it's really just getting started, to learning the bass line to a favorite song, to creating your own lines & solos, Making Music with the Electric Bass will give you the tools to get you there. More than just licks off of YouTube, you'll learn how and why to create your own!

Adam Cohen
40 Years Experience
15 Weeks
All Levels

per week per student

1 week = 1 class
1 class = 30 minutes