Indian Classical Vocal Lessons For Beginners

About the course

This course is for beginners who want to learn Hindusthani Classical Vocal Music. Taking place over the duration of 25 weeks, lessons consist of 45 minutes sessions each week. Taught by renowed vocalist of Kirana Gharana "Surmani' Arati Thakur-Kundalkar, students will gain a foundational understanding of how to sing, how to produce good voice, Swaras.  On the successful completion of this course, students can expect to understand and be able to sing all 12 natural notes and some basic ragas like Bhoop, Durga, Sarang, Des etc.

Arati Thakur-Kundalkar
25 Years Experience from Pune University
25 Weeks

per week per student

1 week = 1 class
1 class = 45 minutes