Learn Vocals with Harmonium or Keyboard | Light and Classical Music

About the course

This 1-on-1 online course takes place across 1 session of 45-minutes weekly, over 15 weeks. This course is for beginners who wish to learn either classical or light vocal music along with Harmonium or Keyboard.  In this course, the students will get an opportunity to learn the basics of two subjects at a time i.e. Vocals and Harmonium. The lessons taught in this course are designed for beginners and therefore will cover simple and easy songs.

Sonal Shah
32 Years Experience
M.A.(MUsic) from S.N.D.T. Woman's University- Mumbai
Vocal, Indian Classical Music, Sufi Music, Ghazals, bhajans, Professional Music
15 Weeks

per week per student

1 week = 1 class
1 class = 45 minutes