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About the course

Tabla (Indian Hand Drums) Is a Traditional Versatile Percussion Instrument Which Is Full of Exciting Rhythmic Movements and Sound Productions, Aesthetics and the Best Medium to Express One's Emotional and Artistic Feelings. Learning the Art of Tabla Playing Is Something Which Inspires One to Grow Musically and Live in Harmony Through Music. Learning Involves Movement of Fingers, Wrist, Hand Requires Proper Yoga Like Sitting Posture Develops Focus/concentration and Other Creative Inner Qualities of Human Being Which Ultimately Brings Composure, Balance, Inspiration and a Meaning to One's Life. When It Becomes Part of Life Style, It Brings Purpose to Life.



shailendra mishra
20 Years Experience
Authentic Style, SINCERE, PUNCTUAL
24 Weeks
US$48.00Per Courseper week  per student.
US$60.00 20% off
1 week = 1 class
1 class = 45 minutes