Carnatic Music For Intermediates

About the course

The intermediate level comes after the basics. Once the base is set perfectly students can move to the intermediate level. Here you can come through raga structure, thala structure. Starting from Swarajathi's itself small krithi's starts. These are the primary learning practice sessions in Carnatic. After knowing raga's, thala's correctly we can move to varnam level. Lots of varnams are there in Carnatic which has been composed by various composers. History of carnatic music is been included. Varnam is mainly sung at the starting of each concerts. Different speeds are there in varnams. Before entering into varnams student needs to practice akarams, ekarams that helps to build raga alapana structure easily. Through these levels, student will lead to keerthanam's which is the elementary part of Carnatic music which is performed for concerts, sabha programs, temple concerts. In this fashion, the studies will move on endlessly.

Ranjitha Harish
15 Years Experience
48 Weeks

per week per student

1 week = 1 class
1 class = 60 minutes