Solving The Three Big Cubes | Intermediate Level

About the course

'Learn Three Big Cubes' - is an intermediate course for those who already know the 3x3x3 cube basics/solving methods. This course will be taught over a span of 10 classes. It would include the teaching of the 4x4 cube, 5x5 cube, and Pyraminx cube. The student must know the most basic cube 3x3x3 before starting to learn 4x4, 5x5 & the Pyraminx cube in this course. Besides, you will also learn how to make some cool patterns out of solved cubes.


Pallavi Choudhary
2 Years Experience
Cubing, Pyraminx cube, Rubik's Cube Mentor
10 Weeks

per week per student

1 week = 2 classes
1 class = 45 minutes