Yoga for Opening Hips

About the course

This course tries to address the problem most individuals face, that of tightened hips. Tightened hip occur because of overuse of the lower half of the body through activities such as biking, jumping, running or underuse because of a desk-based job, sitting in the car for long hours etc. Hip openers are essential to keep the body free and relaxed for movement. As per the yogic tradition, hip tends to lock up negative feelings and pent-up emotions, especially ones related to control in our lives. This short term course on yoga for hip openers will enable free hip movement for students which will, in turn, enable students to experience improved range of motion, circulations and decrease back pain apart from other benefits.

Bharath Shetty
24 Years
YIC from Vivekananda Kendra, Bangalore
Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa
4 Weeks
per week per student
1 week = 1 sessions
1 session(s) = 60 minutes