Basics Course on Violin | Hindustani Classical | Level 1

About the course

This 18-week course is the foundation course for students wishing to learn to play violin in Hindustani classical style. The course will delve into two different ragas and their relationship with time. Hindustani classical ragas are categorised in terms of the time of the day when they can be played. Students enrolling for this course will learn ragas in relation to the time of day. They also get to polish their violin playing techniques, learning about the sitting posture, holding the violin as well as tuning it as per their need.

Sharat Chandra Srivastava
35 Years
from Learnt Violin under my grandfather / Guru Pt. Joi Srivastava
Fusion music, Senia Gharana, Violin
36 Weeks
per week per student
1 week = 1 sessions
1 session(s) = 60 minutes