Basics Of Tabla | Hindustani Classical | Learn To Play Tabla For Beginners

About the course

This long term course is a perfect match for all Tabla aficionados who wish to learn the popular Indian percussion instrument. It lays down a strong foundation for beginners teaching the very basics about the artform, that physically and mentally prepares them for not just a solo performance but also enables them to perform in the company of multiple instruments. Students are taught a) how to position the hands while playing the Tabla, b) Elaborate finger exercises to get them accustomed to playing the Tabla, c) How to play the Tabla in solo or accompanied by multiple instruments or instrumental songs, d) To comprehend and use basic music vocabulary in detail and e) To play specific taals.

Alpesh Moharir
17 Years
Masters in Performing Arts from The M. S. University of Baroda
Tabla Indian classical music world music
52 Weeks
per week per student
1 week = 1 sessions
1 session(s) = 60 minutes