Beginner or Intermediate Guitar Lessons

About the course

This course is designed to take place in one 60-minute weekly session over the duration of 48 weeks. Perfect for those seeking a professional career, or a musical hobby, this lesson plan is flexible to accommodate those at a beginner or intermediate level and is designed to accommodate students aged 15-40. Once this course is completed, students will be prepared to enroll in the more advanced course; Advanced Guitar Lessons.

ABOUT THE TEACHER: Nithin Vijayanath is the guitar player of Indian band, Motherjane. He began his career playing with the Trivandrum based band ‘Rage’ in 2004 where he spent four years performing and developing his unique sound. Nithin has contributed to many large musical projects including the band’s break out single ‘Clayplay’ released in 2015. While still currently working on creating new original music with the band ‘Motherjane’, Vijayanath also performs at various locations. Vijayanath’s passion has led him through a lifetime of musical endeavors and he brings this experience to the lessons for students across the globe as they endeavor to find a sound of their own.

Nithin Vijayanath
22 Years
B A Economics from Marivanios College, Trivandrum
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
48 Weeks
per week per student
1 week = 1 sessions
1 session(s) = 60 minutes