During the last few weeks, I couldn't practice as much as I had been doing before, because this semester in college (and life) has been a lot busier than the last, but Ms Atri was totally understanding and helpful in making adjustments so I can keep working towards my goals in learning singing without getting overwhelmed.

Maria Eduarda Ferreira
Class 16

Brilliant !

priya narain
Class 19

The class was good!

chandrima banerjee
Class 32


Pradip Mitra
Class 40

Great session.

Archit Patel
Class 17

great class

Daya Vivek
Class 45

Great session

Naila Sidharthan
Class 13


Yamini Bose
Class 12

Need a lot of basic practice. Fun! :6

Jay Mehta
Class 55

Awesome class !

priya narain
Class 18