Sculpting A Human Series | Level 1 | The Head | Sculpting The Human Head, Body, Figure In Clay

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This short term course is best suited for those who wish to become sculptors either professionally or as a hobbyist. Creating a statue or a human figurine is a complex task that requires a lot of time and effort. In order to make the process less complex for students interested in pursuing sculpting, the task of creating a complete statue has been broken down into different courses. The course through different modules will teach one body part at a time. In this course, through pre-recorded teacher videos and one live session a week, you will be taught to make the human head, exhibiting all the detailed characteristics such as eyes, ears, nose, hair, the jawline etc. Students undergoing this course, will be able to sculpt a human head from scratch using Super Sculpey polymer clay.


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4 Weeks
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Google Hangout
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This course is concentrated on teaching the students to sculpt the most visibly prominent area in a figurine i.e. the head. For the purpose of this course, the teacher will be using Super Sculpey Polymer clay, which if unbaked, can be reused multiple times. This provides students an opportunity to practice repeatedly till they get the desired result. This course will teach students the process of observing all the features of a character head; all reference materials will be made available.  Having the proportions and placements chalked out will help students to create or sculpt the head which looks realistic i.e. placing the features at the exact place on the head without it looking too big or small. Students undergoing this course will be taught the use of different tools such as dentist and ball stylus tools that will help to sculpt or carve out details on the Super Sculpey clay mould, to give the head a realistic look.

Please note that this course will be taught through pre-recorded videos and one live session every week. The teacher will take one live session to ensure that the students are correctly implementing what they have learnt through these pre-recorded videos and to clarify any doubts.

Value Addition: Undergoing this course will help you set your foot into the world of sculpting. This course in particular, as a part of a series, will teach you to sculpt the head, working intricately on the features. It will give you the understanding on proportion and placement to guide you on placing the features at the exact place on the head without it looking too big or small, enabling your sculpture of the head, look real. By the end of this course you get back with the head of the figurine which you can further work on depending on the finish you get in the first few attempts. This course is the beginning of your journey in sculpting, as having the important head in place, you are all set to learn the sculpting of other body parts through the other courses that follow to create a complete figurine. This course provides you with an edge if you wish to further pursue your creativity through the medium of 3D sculpting or product modeling.

Course specific benefits: Learning from the friendly, Barney Joseph, is the best part of this course. Barney, a self taught sculptor, will train you in a way that is not very theoretically heavy, driving you straight at what is important. The relaxed atmosphere created by Barney for his students ensures that they clear their doubts and progress. Similarly, with Barney at the front, students can be sure they can ask anything to him and get a genuine response to add to their experience.

The ipassio edge: Students enrolling for this short term course on ipassio have the advantage of getting introduced to or learn the intricacies of an art form, from an experienced exponent of the art. Short term courses deal with creating a strong foundation on a specific topic. The syllabus of a short term course is predefined and ready before the commencement of the course. This gives students a clear understanding about the knowledge they will gain in the stipulated period of time, helping them in their planning and decision making. The class strength is limited to 5, ensuring that each student gets attention. A set of 5 individuals enrolling for a short term course encourages learning from peers and social interaction. This short term course bodes good for students passionate about learning, setting them up for the long term or advance level of learning. 

About Barney Joseph: Barney Joseph, completed his engineering and then followed it up with a few other courses. Brave as he is, he chose to move out of the corporate lifestyle to pursue his passion in sculpting. A self taught professional sculptor, Barney has come a long way in sculpting. Confident that he could share his skills with others and determined to encourage more into practicing this art form, Barney started teaching in 2010 and is currently placed at ClayStation, as their sculpting instructor.


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There are no prerequisites for this module. Students for this course will need to have the following items:

  • Super Sculpey Polymer Clay
  • Binding Wire
  • M-Seal
  • Dental tools (refer picture below)
  • Ball stylus tools (refer picture below - available at cake supply stores)

Basic Tools - 1

Basic Tools Set 2


  These sections are for individual students.

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After enrolling, when should the student start the course?
Students can start learning from this course at their convenience. The instructions are all recorded along with the model making process.
What size will the sculpted piece be?
We suggest a maximum size of 3 inches. You can start out with a smaller size of 5 cm or 2 inches.
Will you provide Super Sculpey?
We do not provide Super Sculpey. You can get it from
What materials will I need for the course?
Here are some things that you will need: 1. Super Sculpey polymer clay. 2. Basic dental tools (We can provide these if needed) 3. Ball stylus tools (We can provide these if needed. These can be bought from cake supply stores or from Amazon.) 4. A surface that will not leach out the oils out of the polymer clay. A rubber top or a plastic surface. 5. Aluminum foil or 2-part epoxy glue (m-seal, r-seal, etc). This will be used to bulk up the piece. 6. Metal binding wire and cutting pliers. Optional items: 1. A pair of gloves for mixing up the 2-part epoxy glue. 2. A table lamp/reading lamp. 3. A convection oven. If you choose to bake your piece. 4. Surgical spirit. Used to clean your hands.
Can the student bake Super Sculpey clay?
If Super Sculpey is not baked, then it can be reused. We do not cover baking in this course. The standard baking instructions will be on the packaging of the clay. We recommend that you reuse the clay until you are confident of your work.
What is the next step for students after completing this class?
The aim of this series is to learn how to sculpt a complete human figurine. To avoid missing out on details, we have broken the instructions into levels and modules. You can take up learning another body part module or progress to the next level when they are ready.
How long does it take to sculpt the human figure or statue?
A life size figure depending on the detailing can take months or years. What we are trying to achieve through this course are small models, in the size of 6 inches, which without the detailing can be achieved in 3 hours.
How much time should a person practice?
Approximately an hour a week should be fine, for beginners. Practice makes one better.
Will students get extra course material for this course, apart from the video demonstration?
Yes, students will get the drawings or images to refer to, at the time of enrolling.
Will students be introduced to any other sculpting material, other than super sculpey clay?
For the purpose of this course we will stick to super sculpey clay. It is more user friendly and is best suited for learning, as it can be reused if not baked.
Will students also learn about painting the sculpture, in this case the head?
Painting can only be done after the clay has been baked. Since we will not bake the super sculpey clay, we will not cover painting.
Does this course entail or include assessments? Will they be provided certificates on completion of this course?
Students will be assessed on a weekly basis on the progress they make on the model sculpture. They will get feedback for improvements. There is no provision for certificates at the end of this course.