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Within this beginner-level, unconventional course of 18 weeks, learn the different nuances of singing while expecting your child. ‘Vocal Techniques in Singing for Expectant and New Mothers’ is a course that you can pick up from the beginning of your pregnancy, evolving into the medium along with your growing child or even pick up as a new mother - use singing as a means of communication too.

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10 Years Experience
From: India
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Indian Vocals
Indian Classical Music
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Bachelors In Indian Classical Music
Bhatkhande Music Institute, Lucknow
Masters in Indian Classical Music
Bhatkhande Music Institute, Lucknow
Masters in English Literature
Mithibai/ Mumbai University
Bachelors in management studies
Narsee Monjee School of economics

Course Details

In this 18-week course, you will be learning different vocal techniques in Indian classical music that will help you keep your vocals healthy and strong and will also help you communicate with the fetus in a much more effective way. As a new mother, use these vocal techniques to calm your newborn when stressed or introduce music, harmonies, and even simple songs to them, as they grow, through the duration of this course. Research also suggests that the mother’s voice is more effective for the unborn child rather than external music or sounds because the mother’s voice reverberates within her own body, making it the first voice that the child recognizes and emotionally links itself to. It is both safe and healthy and an extremely positive exercise to continue singing during pregnancy. Using Indian classical music techniques and easy vocal exercises, the course will keep your singing spirit ignited as well as prepare the fetus to be more familiar with your voice. It is also important to remember that volumes should be kept at a slow, low level because the womb already has additional sounds and sudden, loud volumes may startle the baby. This course will also include various breathing exercises which help you to ease and sing as comfortably as possible. 


The ipassio Edge

Students enrolling for this course on ipassio can be sure that they receive individual attention from the teacher, as the class strength is limited to 1. It also gives teachers the opportunity, to gauge their student's progress in-depth and make changes whenever and wherever required, to ensure the student gets the maximum out of this course. Since this course is detailed, students get the advantage of learning intricate details about this art form. The limited strength of the class also ensures that there is a strong bond between the students and their teacher clearing out any inhibitions that the student might have. The sustained guidance available from the teacher ensures that the student does not deviate from set goals or targets. Learning from a revered, experienced exponent, keeps the student inspired and motivated to achieve more.


Course Specific Benefits

There are many benefits to continuing to sing while pregnant or as a new mother. Singing increases your body’s oxygen circulation - it's good for your circulatory system, which is, in turn, good for your baby. The exercise also helps to lower heart rate and decreases blood pressure, and in turn, may also help boost the immune system. It also releases endorphins, which are natural mood boosters and stress relievers. Since the fetus is comforted by the musical sounds of his or her mother's voice, singing will also have a soothing effect on him or her, both during pregnancy and after the baby is born. It is also helpful to sing as a mother in general because you may discover your child's inclination towards music as well. 


About Teacher

Trained professionally in Indian classical vocals, Surbhi Samdani is a composer, Indian musician, performer, and playback singer. She has been under the tutelage of many prominent and highly regarded gurus such as Pandit Banwarilal Rao (Jaipur Gharana), Pandit Raja Ram Shukla, and Suresh Wadekar for over 10 years. She graduated with a BA, furthering her studies to gain a MA in Hindustani Classical Music at Bhatkhande Music Institute Deemed University (BMIDU). She has also returned and is working towards gaining her Ph.D. in Musicology at the Institute.

Outside of her studies, Surbhi is a frequent performer of Classical, Semi-Classical, and Light Music in many private shows, local festivals, and has been featured on local Rajasthani TV stations. She has performed outside of her hometown Rajasthan, in other countries such as France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Thailand. Surbhi has also collaborated with various artists spanning across China, Latin America, and Europe. Surbhi has also been among the Top 10 winners in the Bollywood category of the Sur Sangam National Youth Music Festival in 2017.

For over seven years, Surbhi has been teaching private music lessons, focusing on the Hindustani classical style. She has also organized Indian Music workshops all across India, Paris, and Holland.



There are no pre-requisites to this course apart from the learning spirit from the healthy mother or mother-to-be.

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