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Hobbies of 11 Highly Successful Entrepreneurs and Celebrities that Make Them Like Us

19 Aug 2022


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Hobbies of highly successful people

Apart from being homosapiens, what are some ‘common traits’ that ‘commoners’  share with the rich and famous? Well, there could be a lot! 

There has always been much ado about the habits of highly successful people. We are always in the mad rush to take down every single detail about what they do to get such a super successful business or that astronomical net worth. 

However, in that process, we forget one proverb that existed long before these highly successful people came into existence. That is - ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ Most importantly, even the highly successful individuals whom we follow also implement the values of this proverb in their lives.                          

Hence, here is an article that talks not about the habits but the ‘hobbies’ of highly successful individuals. 

Bill Gates

Bill Gates was introduced to the Bridge game by his parents. But it was not until he played with Warren Buffet that he found his heart’s solace in this game. 

Apart from  Bridge, tennis is another game that can keep the business magnate and philanthropist blissfully engaged in his free time. He even hit the headlines when he partnered with Roger Federer to challenge John Isner and Mike McCready for a fundraising event for Roger’s foundation.                                                            

Warren Buffet 

What do stocks have in common with music? Maybe the answer is - Warren Buffet! 

The world’s most successful investor plays the Ukulele like a rock star. And what’s more interesting is the story behind how he picked this hobby.

As per the records, Buffet started playing the Ukulele to impress his first wife, Susan. And while doing so, in addition to having a wife, he also found a lifelong passion. His honest pursuit of music has led him to share the stage with Jon Bon Jovi and actress Glenn Close for charitable events.   

The other fancy that can keep the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway engaged for hours - is the game of bridge. Warnet Buffet is obsessed with the game and is a self-proclaimed bridge addict. He says - Bridge is the best intellectual game and he wouldn’t mind going behind the bars only if his cellmates were decent players.      

Richard Branson 

The self-made billionaire with varied business interests - right from records to mega stores to airlines and even space travel - revels in the game of chess. Though just like business, Branson’s varied interests in sports include kitesurfing and tennis as well, he is a great advocate of chess. 

To put it in his words - chess is the best game in the world. He has competed in chess over a thousand times and says that each player is unique in their strategies. The game involves courage, planning, tactics, and a good risk appetite. The same characteristics go into making a great entrepreneur as well.  

Sundar Pichai 

Google honcho - Sundar Pichai is an avid cricket fan with past records of leading the school team as a captain. He even dreamt of becoming a cricketer like Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar. However, he even idolized renowned footballer - Lionel Messi. 

Even now, Pichai would jump at the idea of hitting the pitch at any given opportunity. In the recent past, Pichai was also found raving about his newly acquired skill of making a pizza from scratch. 

Meryl Streep 

Twenty-one times nominated for and a winner of three academy awards, Hollywood actress Meryl Streep is best known for her perfection in essaying versatile roles on screen. And what does she do when she is not acting? Well, as revealed through her own humble words - she loves knitting. In fact, the shawl she wore in the movie ‘Doubt’ was hand-knitted by her. She says that she finds it to be therapeutic. It gives her the space to gather her thoughts. Other Hollywood celebrities who love knitting include - Julia Robers, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Russell Crowe.   

Kate Middleton 

The Duchess of Cambridge has several favorite pastimes that include the likes of sailing, photography, playing piano, rugby, tennis, and gardening. However, one thing that helps to keep her calm amidst her parental and political responsibilities - is her love for coloring. 

Well, coloring books are not only for kids anymore. Adult coloring books have also been pulling noteworthy traction. Coloring is believed to be a meditative activity that helps to reduce stress and overthinking.  

George Bush

The erstwhile US President has taken up painting as a hobby after leaving office in 2009. According to him, painting has changed his life in a positive way. Some of his paintings - the portraits of notable political leaders, a self-portrait, and that of his deceased dog, Barney have won the hearts of art lovers from all over the world. 

Art is indeed the most beautiful mode of self-expression. Every time you complete a painting, it leaves you replenished, content and calm.   

Ratan Tata 

The most revered business leader from India - Ratan Tata loves to play the piano in his spare time. He learned to play the piano as a child and has taken it up once again after his retirement. He revealed in one of his social media posts that he has not been able to give the kind of attention it required and plans to take it up again in the future. 

Though playing the piano is not the only pastime of Ratan Tata. He also loves to fly jet planes, paint, listen to Hindi film songs, and play with his pet dog.   

Saif Ali Khan

The Bollywood actor - Saif Ali Khan is a trained guitarist. He has performed several times with the Indian music band - Parikrama. Saif grew up under the deep influence of Pink Floyd and Deep Purple. And later, his mother, Sharmila Tagore, introduced him to several musical luminaries like Eartha Kitt and Ella Fitzgerald. His father - Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, was also an avid Ghazal listener. Thus music has been a significant part of Saif’s growing years. 

Indeed, instrumental music makes you grounded and complacent. And the best example of that is Saif Ali Khan himself. He very modestly acknowledges his limitations as a guitarist and also admits that he should have practiced more. He even revealed in his interviews that he had been practicing the guitar during the lockdown. 

Salman Khan 

Salman Khan is a self-taught painter who had been pursuing it as a hobby even before he stepped into the cine world. His solo exhibition on Mother’s day displayed a range of paintings that he had dedicated to Mother Teresa. 

Salman’s paintings have a unique blend of abstract and modern strokes. His painting skills have not only garnered accolades from art lovers, they even sell for lakhs of rupees. All the money collected is directed towards Salman’s charitable trust - Being Human. 

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio 

Both the Hollywood stars are often found jamming together at Brad Pitt’s sculpting studio. It is said that after his high-profile divorce from Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt devoted all of his time to learning pottery and sculpting.  He has been dabbling with diverse mediums including clay, wood, rebar, and plaster. And now, he is joined by his Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood co-star - Leonardo DiCaprio.  

Leo has always been an aficionado of art for quite some time now. However, this is the first time that he has started creating art. Reportedly, the duo spends boys’ nights creating pottery and feasting on Sandwiches until the early hours of the morning!   

Jeniffer Garner - Plays Saxophone

Jeniffer Garner has been a saxophonist since her school days. There she used to play for the school’s marching band. She has demonstrated her talent on several occasions to the Hollywood film fraternity as well as to the media.

But hey! You don’t have to be in a marching band to be able to play the sax. In fact, it is believed to be relatively easier to play as an orchestral instrument.   


Were the examples of these high-profile hobbyists enough to motivate you to start a hobby today? Trust me, these humble and also at times frugal hobbies contribute as much to the success of these celebrities as their morning habits.

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