I’ve been learning Hindustani classical…

I’ve been learning Hindustani classical vocal under Ashvini Modak ma’am through Ipassio for the past 1 year and my journey of learning has been amazing . Ashvini ma’am’s knowledge of music and style of teaching have taken my music to a different level and I feel really blessed to be her student . Ipassio is a great platform for learning and the team managing it is very cooperative and friendly.

Aashna PrasadIndia


Thank you Ashvini-jee for getting me started on this wonderful musical journey

I am taking hindustani vocal music course with Ashvini Modak madam. I am a complete novice to the subject and had apprehensions about whether I will be able to learn and also whether a teacher would be interested in teaching a middle aged novice like myself.

Ashvini-jee took me through the journey through baby steps and helped build my interest, excitement, as well as confidence. Her process takes the student on the musical journey with ease and the learning becomes exciting as well as fun.

She has been extremely patient through the process and steadily helped me learn the nuances of basics of music.

Her love for music, her dedication to her guru and her craft, and her supportive teaching method, have put me on a pedestal from where I have embarked on my musical sojourn which will stay with me always.

Thank you Ashvini-madam.

Khalid AhmadPakistan


Magical, musical experience!

I am a believer! I bought a guitar to learn how to play music. But in my quest to learn how to play, I decided that I wanted to learn how to play Hindustani classical more than anything else. Guitar and Indian classical music was not a combination I thought possible. Definitely knew it wasn't common.

Serendipitously, I found Rhitom Sarkar, had one meeting over skype. That was all it took for me to sign up.

Rhitom Sarkar, aside from being a masterful player, is also a wonderful teacher. He is very knowledgeable, but also spontaneous, relatable, and enthusiastic. He brings an inimitable energy to every class. He simplifies complex music theory and provides several training techniques that improve the overall skill level. My musical journey has truly been transformed into a magical experience.

Srikanth KurkalUSA


Learning singing from Atri Ji is amazing experience

I currently live in USA. It has been my dream to learn Bollywood singing, especially old songs. But living in USA (actually outside India), it is hard to find a good teacher. Lucky on day, I came to know about ipassio when I was googling to find how to learn Bollywood singing. The experience sign-in and finding the right course, was seamless. No glitches. After I signed up for first free intro class, Mr. Anuj contacted me and helped me through the whole process. In fact after a month of classes, I can still contact him and get a response within hours usually.

Now coming to teacher, the class I selected, the teacher was Atri ji. At first I was not sure if the teacher is good or not. But it turned out that she is excellent, patient and adjusting. In the first class, she gave me a brief of the basis of the Indian singing notes. And after that she is helping me adjusting my notes. I am sure that she will help me fulfilling my dreams. :)

I recommend ipassio and my guru Atri ji to anyone who wants to learn bollywood singing. Excellent choice! :)

Vikas TanejaUSA


I take Indian classical guitar classes…

I take Indian classical guitar classes from Rhitom Sarkar in Calcutta via Skype. I am based in the US. The transactions, call quality and the general ease of managing the relationship is fantastic. The teacher is a highly accomplished concert slide guitarist with a deep knowledge of Indian classical music. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Anshuman PatwardhanUSA


Learning slide guitar from Rhitom Sarkar

I have been Rhitom Sarkar's student on the ipassio platform for about 18 months now. Rhitom has guided me into the vast ocean of Hindustani classical music with great maturity, connecting music to the different facets day to day life and encouraging me to explore more. Rhitom's skill with the slide guitar, his deep intuitive knowledge of the different ragas and playing techniques of the instrument and his love for music is unmistakable and deeply inspiring.

I sincerely thank ipassio for making my dream of learning music come true. Special thanks, of course, to my guru, Rhitom. May he get all the success he truly deserves and may our musical association continue for a long long time to come. Thanks Rhitom! Thanks ipassio!

Vineet SrivastavaIndia


5 Stars For Rhitom

I am so happy to have the opportunity to learn Indian Slide Guitar from Rhitom. It has always been a dream of mine to learn and he has managed to start me on this journey and fit the lessons into my busy schedule. He is an excellent teacher and goes at a pace that I can understand.

Davey WilsonAustralia


Rhitomji Sarkar - Indian slide guitar

Rhitomji Sarkar is truly a Master of the Indian slide guitar, Mohan Veena, and I am honored to learn from him. It has changed my life... I couldn't be happier. My thanks to everyone at Ipassio!

Benjamin BlytheUSA


Santoor finally - Kunal Saha & ipassio

For the longest time , I wanted to learn Santoor but no local teacher was available in my area. Ipassio made that possible for me via Skype and I found Kunal Saha , a great Santoor player and teacher. I am thoroughly enjoying my Santoor classes with Kunal and at some point will see if my 5 year old can also learn in the same manner. Ipassio is great at bridging the gap for yearning students and great teachers. They have done a lot of homework in selecting really good quality teachers and have a great easy to use platform. Thanks a ton guys !

Viral GandhiUSA


After lot of research I chose Ipassio…

After lot of research I chose Ipassio to pursue my passion and after 1 month I can definitely say I am in good hands. I feel really happy and privileged to have very talented and successful mentor. Ashwani ji has been very encouraging and knows what methodology suits my purpose.She really understands my strengths and knows how to get the best out of me. I am grateful to ipassio for providing such incredible platform to connect with the professional teachers at the comfort of my home.

Bistruti MishraRussia


I am enjoying my ghazal classes on…

I am enjoying my ghazal classes on ipassio. My teacher is excellent, very patient and knowledgeable.. this has been a great experience for me.

Meena SundaramIndia


Truly a great platform and a very…

Truly a great platform and a very encouraging and supportive mentor suchismita ji.. May be I don't justify it with regular classes but have been able to picup so much in the classes. Owe it to madam for showing me the pathway of 'stick to basics things will fall in place automatic'... Special thanks to madam who always tries her best to take out time from her busy schedule as and when I'm available... Cannot ask for more.

Krishnan AnanthaIndia


Highly recommend Ipassio and Jason Quadros Sir for music theory.

I was learning music theory under Jason Quadros Sir. He is an awesome teacher and patiently explained everything. The Ipassio team solved any issues which came up , super promptly. I highly recommend Jason Quadros Sir and his classes and the platform Ipassio. Thank you so much Jason sir and Team Ipassio.

Susan PraveenIndia


It is really a good platform to learn…

It is really a good platform to learn singing when there is no other alternative available. It gives a real good opportunity to people who otherwise can't pursue their hobbies.

Kunal DalalAustralia


Amazing platform for online learning from home

I have been taking Hindustani vocal music lessons with Atri Kotal on ipassio and I am impressed by this innovative program. They are very receptive to feedback and even with the time difference between India and USA they make it convenient and flexible. Above all my teacher is excellent and very patient with me.

Sangeeta AgrawalUSA


I really enjoyed learning through…

I really enjoyed learning through ipassio! They did a great job of matching me to a teacher who was able to work at a pace that suited me.

Komal PatelUSA


Great platform for learning music sitting at home

I was searching for Guru to learn Flute online , while doing some research got to know about Ipassio. It's a great platform for people who are passionate about music and wants to learn sitting at home.

I'm currently learning Bansuri flute from Suchismita ji whose Guru is PT. Hariprasad Chaurasia Ji. I was able pick up quickly because of the techniques she thought in the classes. It's been a great journey and looking forward for more of it.

Ananth KrishnaIndia


Excellent learning platform in this digital world!!

Its been a wonderful experience for me to learn Indian Classical music through ipassio. I think the option of online learning is very valuable, not only for me who is residing in USA, but also for a lot of other people who can use the flexibility and save time and money by using these online classes. Before joining, I did some search online and found ipassio to be reasonably priced. They also have some outstanding artists. I am learning slide guitar (mohan veena) from Mr. Rhitom Sarkar and find him to be extremely talented and passionate about his music. He is an expert in light music as well as Indian classical music. I consider myself very fortunate to get an opportunity to learn from him and thank ipassio for making it possible.

Shikha TarangUSA


A Wonderful Platform to learn Music for me

I am taking flute lesson on north Indian classical music from a world-class musician who is a very senior disciple of Pt. Hariprasad. Suchismitaji has been teaching me for the last one and a half year and it has been wonderful so far.

I could make more progress, but unfortunately, as a busy family man, I am not able to put that much time to make progress. Suchismitaji is a great teacher and very flexible to fit my schedule.

Looking forward for many years to learn.

Kazi HabibUSA


Outstanding learning platform

I have been learning Hindustani music from Ashwini Modak for couple of months now. It has been great learning experience so far. Even though I started learning Hindustani music after several years, Ashwini Mam started from basics and made me comfortable right from first session. She is flexible with session timings if informed in advance.

I will recommend ipassio for following options such as to choose teachers based on their experience, smooth payment transactions.

I also liked their option of first free session with teacher which help us to get acquainted with online sessions and interact with teachers.

Overall, ipassio is great platform to learn music from experienced teachers from anywhere across the globe.

Ketaki BhideUSA


Being a trained Carnatic singer myself

Being a trained Carnatic singer myself, I had always wanted to learn Hindustani classical music.It was then that I bumped into ipassio,a portal that bridges music enthusiasts like me with prolific teachers.I found a great teacher,mentor and a voice coach in Ashwini ji.Apart from being a fantastic singer,she is also a fabulous teacher who customizes the lessons to suit the needs and the standards of the student. I would highly recommend any student to be trained under her for vocal music through ipassio.

Radhika SatishUSA


Perfect platform for Skype learning

Great platform and the teacher is the highlight. Ashvini Tai has been amazing through my 6 month journey so far improving my voice quality and teaching me the nuances or performances. Very happy to be with ipassio as everything is so streamlined. Refilling classes is super easy thanks to their tie up with PayPal. However a bit expensive. But overall the perfect platform for people wanting to learn something at the comforts of their home.

Dipa SubramanianUK



Music Theory by Jason sir to my son Zion Arthur actually a wonderful learning experience. He is learning the third grade Theory from TRINITY COLLEGE OF LONDON OF LONDON .Even though Jason sir is a very busy person as a pianoist he is very committed to teach on appoited time.He is having patient ,dedication,passion for teaching and he can understand the wekness of student and make every student sharp in their music knowledge. My son is a 3rd grade violinist and he can understand easily music notes because of Jason sir.I strongly recommend to every body who is passionate about music please use the chance to learn from him.We are from Hosur.- VIDWAL N RAJ

Vidwal N RajIndia


A revolutionary learning platform

A revolutionary learning platform that safeguards interest of both student and teachers. Unlike many other learning websites, where there is abundance of teachers, but is really difficult to choose teachers based on their merit and experience. Teachers at this platform are particularly well training in their respective fields and not just naive artists teaching on the side. Hence, the quality of training and knowledge is exceptional.

Although, the platform is a bit expensive considering added gst of 18%.



Great movement for Performing Arts lovers

Ipassio is a great movement for Performing Arts admirers.In today's world of technology, the art forms reach to each and every corner of the world. It has helped to bring learners and teachers very close with system and discipline.

Pt Abhik SarkarIndia


Wonderful experience!

I have been learning Sarode for the last 5 months and my experience have been great. The team is wonderful and the payment is transparent. My guru Pt. Abhik Kumar Sarkar has been a wonderful teacher and is very patient. Ipassio is probably bit on the expensive side but I am happy that I could pick up an instrument as difficult as Sarode. Will definitely recommend!

Brato ChakrabartiUSA


Dil se

We are really happy with the Ipassio services and the teachers are knowledgeable and supportive.

Janaki G AnapathiramanUSA


Fully recommended portal

Ipassio is a young and trustworthy knowledge portal. Both the pool of teachers and management are made of established and serious professionals. The portal is very simple to use and the team is always ready to respond to any query you may have. I have taken Hindustani vocal classes and am really satisfied.

Chiara Lo FaroFrance


Vocal classes are really good

It was a surprise that the audio quality didn't matter at all during the Skype sessions. Of course, it isn't as great as in real, but you won't realize that it's online that much. My teacher could identify my mistakes immediately even when I thought it would not be noticed.

Somnath YadavIndia


Amazing customer service

The service team at ipassio is just outstanding. I had an issue with setting the course timings and they went above and beyond to resolve my issue. I immediately enrolled for their tabla course right after they got back to me. Kudos to the team!

Ashwath AIndia


Ipassio is a Great platform to learn.

I'm currently learning Indian slide guitar from Rhitom Sarkar ji. It's an honor learning from such a reputed personality. I'm getting to play a lot of ragas and talas, that too in such a short span of time. ipassio is one of the finest online learning platforms out there and thanks to the team for providing such a good facility.

Vikas S GopaIndia