Member Protection Program

ipassio offers students to purchase a long-term course on a weekly fees basis and short-term course on a fixed fees basis. In either course type, these fees get paid to the teachers on a weekly basis after one week has passed from the end of the week in which the classes were conducted and if the student has not raised any concern or dispute for the same. These fees before paid to the teacher, if disputed, can get either refunded or adjusted in future payment depending on the case. Refunds are offered only under following circumstances:

  • The weekly class was cancelled by the teacher without any prior information to or discussion with the student(s); or
  • The teacher was not present at the scheduled time for the online class and has not informed the student(s) about it; or
  • The teacher has postponed the class/session to future without informing or discussing with the student(s); or
  • There was a major concern regarding the quality of teaching and this concern is raised by a majority of the students in the class.

ipassio offers a flexible refund policy for every course purchases subject to the terms mentioned above. If you're found to be in violation of ipassio’s Terms of Service, you'll be removed from the class and not be issued a refund.