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ipassio is the destination for innovative, live online hobby learning. The first online learning site of its kind, ipassio is a robust platform for learning virtually any hobby. The site features forward-thinking and user-friendly technology, allowing anyone to pick up a short or long-term online hobby class from an experienced and knowledgeable instructor. Lessons are conducted live face-to-face, providing both student and teacher with a worthwhile and rewarding experience in an environment where they can thrive. At ipassio, you can find and learn any number of hobbies online, or share your own experiences and expertise, and we’ll make each step of the process simple and enjoyable. 

Our Vision

ipassio seeks to create an online learning community powered by passion and dedication. We wanted to create an environment where artists, musicians, hobbyists, experts, and beginners can come together and connect effortlessly. ipassio is designed to support both teaching and learning, allowing us to bridge the gap between knowledgeable instructors and dedicated students. We strive to create a live online learning platform built on credibility by handpicking talented teachers with verified credentials and providing students with a world-class learning experience. 


With ipassio, students and teachers aren’t limited by course catalogs. Our platform hosts a steadily-growing number of hobby and professional courses for beginners and advanced students, taught by experts all over the world. Along with being a platform designed just for online hobby courses, ipassio is unique in only offering live classes. Passing on knowledge of music, art, cooking and languages has a long oral tradition between student and teacher. ipassio upholds this tradition by allowing students and teachers to connect face-to-face in real time from anywhere in the world. 

We also offer flexible course schedules designed for any lifestyle. Our short-term courses create a strong foundation on a single topic, providing students with the education they need when they need it. Limited to a class size of five, short-term courses are designed with the success of both students and teachers in mind. Our long-term courses help students and teachers build a strong relationship designed to inspire and motivate. These detailed, in-depth courses are limited to a class size of two to allow students to dive into their passion and learn from a revered expert in their craft.

Benefits to Teachers

The ipassio platform is a hub of resources for our teachers that allows them to conduct hassle-free courses from anywhere. We help our teachers manage content and enrollment, course structure, scheduling, secure payment collection and disbursal, and many other aspects of a teacher’s journey to provide students with exceptional lessons. Although course content is managed on our platform, our teachers retain all rights to their intellectual property. 

We help you find dedicated, appreciative students who want to learn your craft, letting you focus on what you do best - sharing your passion. Our class size maximum ensures that our teachers are never over-extended or pressured to teach large classes. We know that true learning is best conducted when there is a bond between student and teacher and we do everything we can to foster that relationship.

Benefits to Students

With ipassio, students have the advantage of learning exactly what they desire from the best in the field. Students are able to choose from a wide variety of structured online courses delving into a wide array of topics. Our courses range from an overview of the basics to delving deep into intricate details of the subject. We also have multiple experts teaching select hobbies, so students can choose an instructor with a teaching style that best suits their needs. 

Our online learning courses are never over-booked, maintaining a strict course capacity. This safeguards our students from a lack of attention, guaranteeing that they get the individual focus they need. Sustained guidance from instructors between classes ensures that students get the help they need to achieve their goals, even between live class meetings. 

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to maintaining the latest in technology in an effort to enhance every user’s experience on ipassio. We strive to infuse each aspect of our platform with effectiveness and efficiency, bringing clarity and simplicity to online learning. We are passionate about learning and we endeavour to build a global community of teachers and students who feel the same way.