Learn and sharpen your hobbies OnliVe

ipassio lets you learn hobbies online live directly from world-class educators
- it's 1-on-1 OnliVe (online + live) and personalized.

1. Online real-time classes

From the comfort of your home, 1 on 1 online interactive classes are scheduled at your convenient time.

Select your hobby

Ranging from vocals, instruments, art, pick your hobby and pick your style. You'll find plenty of courses from artists, you already love.

Meet teachers online

Teacher meets you personally over a video call to understand and customize the course as per your requirements before you make any payment.

Choose class timings

After selecting the course, you can discuss and schedule classes with teacher at a mutually convenient date and time.

Make payment

You can make payments on a bi-weekly basis - with no long-term commitments. Payment is held securely until the class is over.

Online classes really work.

98% of our students make repeat purchases.

Seated comfortably at home, you get 1 on 1 personalized training from some of the best teachers in the world. Sure, sitting next to a teacher is more real, but with teachers having decades of experience in online mentoring, your audio & video quality will not affect your learning.

How it works

Train professionallyor leisurely, Hobby is yours!

Become a Teacher

Enjoy your craft by sharing it with others. ipassio gives you the platform to teach dedicated students.

Find hobbies that
tickle your creative brain

Existing students and teachers can now download our apps.

For Students: You can now refill/buy more classes and mark your attendance with easy and convenience through our app.

For Teachers: You can now mark the attendances and place fees withdrawal requests with easy and convenience through our app.


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