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Enroll in our Online Sarod Classes and give way to customized and personalized training on a 1-on-1 basis from the most proficient teachers onboard. Onlive, Live Sarod courses for all age groups, exclusively on ipassio.

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Online sarod lessons are taught online via video conferencing tools by professional musicians with decades of experience. You'll be assured personalised training from our sarod teachers.

Choose any of the courses offered by renowned sarod artists in India. The course will be personalised based on your level of knowledge. Read more about the courses from the list above.

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About Online Sarod Classes

How to learn sarod at home?

In order to learn sarod properly, you need guidance from an expert Hindustani maestro. It is unlikely that you can learn by just reading a book. At ipassio, we have some of the top sarod teachers from India who take lessons online through video conferencing. One of the teachers is the senior disciple of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Pandit Abhik Kumar Sarkar. Living in any part of the world, you can access sarod lessons directly while sitting at home.

Why sarod classes from ipassio?

ipassio hosts some of the best sarod players in the world. For students, they get access to elite musicians right from the comfort of their homes. We have sarod courses that can help everyone including beginners and advanced artists. If students would like to buy sarod instrument, our teachers can also help them find the right instrument. Many of our students from Europe and North America sourced the instrument from India. This helped them get the best quality instrument at the best price. Our lessons are personalized to student’s skills and knowledge. It is not a one-size-fits-all. This personalized methodology ensures that everyone’s talents are sharpened.

Topics to be covered

Courses will generally cover beginner topics like sitting postures, how to hold the instrument, how to play simple songs, melodies, and ragas such as Bilawal, Kafi, and Durga. Students will also be educated on sargam, taal, sur, raag and swar. You’ll also learn how to tune sarod as well as writing musical notations. Basic 3 rhymes of Sarod are Teen taal, Rupak and Ektaal. Moving forward, students will learn new raags of Senia Gharana, various classical compositions and folk music will also be covered.

History of sarod instrument

Sarod is based on Afghan rabab which had over the centuries inspired many instruments. Sarod’s name came from Sharadiya veena. The rabab which came to Indian in the 16th century evolved to the modern sarod with different types of wood and steel materials used. Sarod gained popularity in the 1800s in northern parts of India, which was adapted further by Allauddin Khan in the 20th century. Sarod has undergone several customizations over the years.

Notable sarod artists

Sarod is a relatively new instrument with 200-300 years of history. These are some of the legends of Sarod

  • Abhik Kumar Sarkar
  • Allauddin Ali Khan
  • Amaan Ali Khan
  • Amjad Ali Khan
  • Ayaan Ali Khan
  • Ayet Ali Khan
  • Buddhadev Das Gupta
  • Hafiz Ali Khan