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Our Online Carnatic Music Classes are here to make sure that your skill-set is in the process of fine-making and that you can develop your singing talent under the best Carnatic music techniques taught to you by the best.

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Online carnatic vocals are taught online via video conferencing tools by professional vocalists with decades of experience. You'll be assured personalised training from our vocal teachers.

Choose any of the courses offered by renowned carnatic vocalists in India. The course will be structured based on your goals. Read more about the courses from the list above.

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About Online Carnatic Music Classes

How to learn Carnatic vocal music at home?

Even for an intermediate singer, learning Carnatic vocal music from home could be a novel idea. It’s not that difficult nowadays due to the advancement in technologies. There are qualified musicians who are exponents in the Carnatic genre who take classes online. We, at ipassio help you connect with those gurus who can teach you step by step all ragas, kritis, and keerthanams. Once you are enrolled, our teachers assist you with necessary pdf and notes to help you do riyaz at home. This will ensure that you have all the means and support to continue your sangeetham training even when the teacher is not around.

Why Carnatic sangeetham classes from ipassio?

ipassio has some of the best Carnatic music singers in the world. Our teachers are performers who travel all around the world, who find time to share their knowledge with students online. Our format allows you to train yourself at the comfort of your home through video conferencing. This format has been found to be preferred by both students and teachers. Especially when you are a beginner to Carnatic music, you most likely need step-by-step guidance that includes video lessons, pdf, notes and assignments. ipassio houses students from all over the world, from the US, UK, Germany, Italy, Singapore, France, India, and many other countries. Teachers who follow several bani/styles teach those nuances to students.

Topics to be covered

Most of the courses cover all essential elements required for a strong Carnatic vocal foundation, including Sarali Varasa, Janta Varsai, Alankaram, Upper Sthayi, Geetam, and Swarajathis.

Students are sure to get a complete understanding of music and will enable them next lessons of manodharma - alapana, neraval, and swaram. Several concepts of Talas and geetams are also covered for the purpose of complete understanding of sangeetham.

History of carnatic music

Indian classical music is believed to be originated from devas. The swaras in Carnatic music are often connected with sounds of birds and animals. Sama Veda is believed to have laid the foundation for Indian classical music. Many of today’s musical concepts have been based on Bharata’s Natya Shastra. Even during the 12th century, Carnatic music seemed unaffected by Persian influence, unlike Hindustani music. Carnatic music flourished in the Vijayanagara Empire during the 16th and 17th century. In the coming centuries, Carnatic music was patronized by local kings of Kingdom of Mysore, Kingdom of Travancore and the Maratha rulers of Tanjore. During the 19th century, Chennai city emerged as the locus for Carnatic music

South Indian Carnatic music languages

Carnatic music is extremely popular in the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. Due to which, a lot of Carnatic music lessons are taken in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. Even in ipassio, depending on the teacher and their preferred languages of communication, we offer lessons in various regional languages. Students can meet the teacher during the free session and confirm whether they teach in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or Malayalam.