Top 2% of Excellence

The word 'ipassio' brings together two words - 'i' from individuals and 'passio' - the Latin term for passion. Together, they mean 'individuals who are driven by passion'. This defines the core value system at ipassio that pulsates through the team, learners, and teachers.

The Teachers at ipassio

Our teachers are the most rewarding assets we have. Why? - Because they are the best contributors in their domains and have a passion for teaching.

ipassio nurtures the passion for pursuing new skills. We only connect with people who share the passion. It means we hand-pick the best Gurus (teachers) from across the world.

Each of our Teachers is-

  • Celebrated artists and winners of multiple accolades
  • Have trained under the tutelage of acclaimed Gurus and performers
  • Adept at rendering the best learning methodologies appropriate to the new-age online education
  • Open to teaching across all age-groups worldwide
  • Have multi-lingual proficiency in English, Hindi, and any other local language in India

We invite the best teachers to collaborate with us.

We study 1,000+ profiles minutely on a monthly basis. Only 2-3% of the profiles are shortlisted for sending the invite to teach on ipassio.

Further, post the invite, we also conduct 20-30 minutes of video call to understand whether there is a mutual fitment where ipassio's mission is in alignment with the teacher's goals.

Continued Excellence

The screening process continues even at later stages of the teacher's journey with us. We do this by sometimes reviewing the class recordings and at many times taking existing students' feedback during and after the class. We check their course curriculum and teaching methodologies on a continuous basis.

Good ratings and recommendations from students make their profiles stronger. We also take input from the teacher to improve our services.

However, If at any time, we find that a particular teacher is not matching the ipassio standards of professionalism and excellence we do talk to the teacher to make amendments. If we still fail to get the desired results, then we unpublish their courses.