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About Online Tabla Lessons

How to learn tabla for beginners?

Learning to play tabla is not as hard as it looks. Playing tabla, or is it locally referred to as “tabla bajana” is an art that even beginners can grasp easily. Like every Indian classical instrument, it is best to take tabla lessons directly from teachers rather than relying on free online resources. Adhering to the traditional guru shishya parampara, at ipassio, our teachers take tabla classes online via video conferencing. This wonderful Indian percussion instrument requires students to develop their rhythmic skills as tabla can be performed both as solo and an accompanying instrument. Beginner students usually take about a month or two to get the right sound from dayan and bayan. It can be frustrating for new students, but with the right guidance from a tabla master, you can get your basics strong.

Why tabla classes from ipassio?

Tabla teachers at ipassio are some of the best musicians in the world. They can lay a strong basic foundation for your tabla learning as well as help you nurture your tabla career. You get access to famous tabla teachers right from your living room. Depending on the teachers available, you can get tabla lessons taken in different languages such as Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Hindi, English and many more. Teachers will also give you assignments and exercises that can be practiced after classes. This allows an all-round tabla learning for you.

Topics to be covered

Students will learn about different parts of tabla such as chat, syahi, maidan, gajra etc. Various sitting postures and hand positioning will be covered in tabla lessons. Training on tabla will be commenced with different bols or syllables and then thekas, which is an arrangement of bols played on tabla. Then the tabla lessons will move on with specific taals like Dadra, Kaharwa, Teen Taal, Rupak, Jhap Taal, Ektaal, Chautaal, Dhamaar, Mattaal and rhythm. Students will also cover beginner to advanced levels of interpreting notations. Tuning of tabla will also be taught extensively. The exact tempo of the music, which is indicated on a metronome will also be used to take tabla classes. Students will be then taught how to follow a time cycle of 6 and 8 beats in a song which is followed by several Hindustani compositions in the lessons.

History of tabla instrument

Though the instrument is believed to have Indian origins, it was supposedly renamed under the Muslim rule. Tabla is considered a modern version of pushkara drums which were found in temples in the 6th and 7th centuries. Drums related to Tabla were mentioned in Natya Shastra in 200 BCE. Drums and taals were mentioned in vedas as well. The modern tabla is believed to be developed from a combination of ancient Indian drums. 6 of the main gharanas of tabla are Ajrara, Benares, Delhi, Farrukhabad, Lucknow, Punjab.