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About Online Konnakol Lessons

Topics to be covered under Konnakol Lessons

Most of the courses begin with understanding the history of Konnakol and its connection with the mridangam instrument. Students will then be introduced to the art form and its respective meaning of it. Several different syllables that will be combined to form words and sentences will be taught to students. In addition to it, several rhythmic cycles will be made familiar to the students. Moving on, certain different hand movements that accompany the vocal recital of syllables will also be covered. The next topic is teaching Jathi which is the recitation of a string of vocal syllables. Following this students will be educated on basic lessons such as basic solfege, Paluvarasas, Mohras, Korvai, and Nades. Students in the intermediate course will learn two basic talas: Adi tala and Rupak tala. Traditional compositions based on these talas will also be taught to improve their vocal percussion skills.

Best way to learn Konnakol for beginners

Konnakol is a type of vocal percussion in Carnatic or South Indian classical music. It has been adopted by various western musicians for the purpose of aiding their improvisation techniques. For beginners, students need to learn the five basic rhythm words which are: Da, Taka, Takita, Taka Dimi, and Da Di Gi Na Dum. You can be a better well-rounded musician and will gain a fresher perspective on rhythm if you learn Konnakol. There are several free online resources to learn Konnakol, but for a customized learning plan, you'll need to learn directly from a teacher. Especially if you learn from a percussionist with decades of experience, your core knowledge of rhythm will get even strengthened. Several mridangam and ghatam players offer konnakol lessons. Being a creative hobby, Konnakol can be learned in an authentic manner only when you learn directly from a teacher. Either online or in person.

Why Konnakol lessons from ipassio?

ipassio has some of the most renowned Konnakol artists in the world offering classes to students. Some of them are famous globally for using the Fibonacci sequence in Konnakol. Our Konnakol teachers have been practicing Konnakol for decades and their knowledge of rhythm systems is unparalleled. Getting mentored under them will bolster your career and will cut down on your learning curve. Students get access to these lessons from the comfort of their homes via online video conferencing tools. Several students learn Konnakol to amplify their Carnatic music knowledge as well as to play instruments better. Several vocal artists also learn Konnakol to understand the rhythmic systems much better. If you also wish to make fusion music, Konnakol can be a stepping stone to understanding the Indian classical music system.


How long will it take for me to attain proficiency in kannakol?

Konnakol is a traditional voice percussion skill with a long learning curve. As cited in lisayoungmusic.com - according to M. Ravichandhira, an eminent practitioner of Kannakol - it takes 5 years to attain proficiency if the student is based out of India in a traditional setup. For students who are based out of India, in a non-traditional set up it may take up to 10 years.

Is it necessary to have a prior learning experience in percussion?

Knowing any other percussion instrument - particularly Mridangam would be helpful. But it is not necessary.

What is the duration of the online classes for learning Konnakol?

Most online Konnakol classes on ipassio.com last between 45 and 60 minutes. Beginner courses usually last 45 minutes for several reasons. First, beginners need to learn the basic concepts, and shorter sessions help them understand each concept thoroughly. Also, many beginners are children who have shorter attention spans, so 45-minute sessions keep them engaged and effective. As students move to intermediate and advanced levels, classes extend to 60 minutes or more. This longer duration allows for more advanced instruction and practice.

What time slots are available for the online Konnakol classes?

The class timings are mutually decided between the teacher and the students. Teachers typically offer flexible scheduling to accommodate various time zones and personal schedules.

How is the lesson plan customized for these online Konnakol courses?

Every student learns at their own pace. The method of learning also differ from person to person. In the free introductory meeting and the first few sessions, the teacher will assess your skill level. Based on this, they will create a lesson plan just for you. The 'About the Course' section provides an outline of what you will learn, but the detailed plan will be adjusted to fit your goals and abilities. If you learn quickly, you can move to the next level faster. If you need more time, you can take it without feeling rushed. In these one-on-one Konnakol classes, you won’t have to keep up with or wait for classmates. You can ask as many questions as you need to fully understand the material.

Does the course include learning any other percussion instrument?

This course is exclusively for Konnakol. However, there are several online course for learning percussion instruments such as Tabla, Mridangam, Kanjira, Dholak, Dholki, etc. You can pick any one as per your choice as an add on with this online Konnakol course. While Konnakol is entirely vocal, the other options mentioned here are instrumental. Hence it will give you a holistic training as a percussionist.

Can I request specific topics or compositions to be included in my learning plan?

Yes, of course. That is the perk of attending an online individual course. It is a complete hands-on course mentored by a celebrated performer and teacher. You can certainly come up with your suggestions and wish list. However, your teacher will have the discretion to approve it after evaluating your potentials. May be he delays teaching your suggested composition or topic till the time you reach a certain level. So have patience and faith on your teacher.

What professional opportunities can I get after learning Konnakol online?

Learning Konnakol online can open up several professional opportunities. You can become a performer, showcasing your skills in concerts and music festivals. It can also lead to a career as a music teacher, offering lessons in rhythm and percussion. Additionally, Konnakol knowledge can enhance your abilities as a composer or music director, allowing you to create complex rhythmic patterns for various musical genres. Lastly, mastering Konnakol can make you a valuable collaborator in cross-cultural and fusion music projects.

Typically what kind of technical problems can arise during online live Konnakol classes and how to deal with them?

Online classes are heavily dependent on technology. And technical glitches can ruin the learning experience. Some of the pertinent problems include internet connectivity issues, audio and video quality problems, software glitches, and device malfunctions. To deal with these, ensure you have a stable internet connection by checking your speed and using a wired connection if possible. Improve audio and video quality by using a high-quality microphone and webcam, and closing unnecessary applications to free up bandwidth. Keep your software updated and have a backup platform ready in case of glitches. Regularly update your device's operating system and restart it if malfunctions occur. Use headphones to prevent echo and choose a quiet location to minimize background noise. These steps can help ensure smoother online music classes.

What if a scheduled class could not be conducted due to technical issues?

Technical issues can happen for either the teacher or you. If this happens, the class will be rescheduled to a new day and time that works for both you and the teacher.

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