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About Online Konnakol Lessons

Best way to learn konnakol for beginners

Konnakol is a type of vocal percussion in Carnatic or South Indian classical music. It has been adopted by various western musicians for the purpose of aiding their improvisation techniques. For beginners, students need to learn the five basic rhythm words which are: Da, Taka, Takita, Taka Dimi and Da Di Gi Na Dum. You can be a better well-rounded musician and will gain a fresher perspective into rhythm if you learn konnakol. There are several free online resources to learn konnakol, but for a customized learning plan, you'll need to learn directly from a teacher. Especially if you learn from a percussionist with decades of experience, your core knowledge in rhythm will get even more strengthened. Several mridangam and ghatam players offer konnakol lessons. Being a creative hobby, konnakol can be learned in an authentic manner only when you learn directly from a teacher. Either online or in-person.

Why konnakol lessons from ipassio?

ipassio has some of the most renowned konnakol artists in the world offering classes to students. Some of them are famous globally for using the Fibonacci sequence in konnakol. Our konnakol teachers have been practicing konnakol for decades and their knowledge in rhythm systems is unparalleled. Getting mentored under them will bolster your career and will cut down on your learning curve. Students get access to these lessons from the comfort of their homes via online video conferencing tools. Several students learn konnakol to amplify their Carnatic music knowledge as well as to play instruments better. Several vocal artists also learn konnakol to understand the rhythmic systems much better. If you also wish to make fusion music, konnakol can be a stepping stone into understanding the Indian classical music system.

Topics to be covered

Most of the courses begin with understanding the history of konnakol and its connection with the mridangam instrument. Students will then be introduced to the art form and the respective meaning of it. Several different syllables that will be combined to form words and sentences will be taught to students. In addition to it, several rhythmic cycles will be made familiar to the students. Moving on, certain different hand movements that accompany the vocal recital of syllables will also be covered. The next topic is teaching jathi which is the recitation of a string of vocal syllables. Following which students will be educated on basic lessons such as basic solfege, paluvarasas, mohras, korvai and nades. Students in the intermediate course will learn two basic talas: Adi tala and rupak tala. Traditional compositions based on these talas will be also be taught to improve their vocal percussion skills.

History of konnakol

Konnakol is the spoken component of solkattu and is the art of performing percussion syllables in South Indian Carnatic music. Pakkiriya Pillai used to be one of the stalwarts of konnakol in the 1920s. Though Konnakol was a much older art form, it became popular in the 20th century. Several musicians from a variety of traditions have integrated konnakol into their style of music. Two among them were John McLaughlin and Henrik Andersen. Konnakol should not be confused with the Hindustani music practice of speaking tabla bols. While bols indicate finger placements, konnakol syllables are mainly aimed at optimizing vocal performance. Trichy Shri R Thayumanavar is credited to have given a rebirth to konnakol.