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Online mridangam lessons are taught via Skype by mridangam experts with decades of experience. You'll be receiving personalized training from our expert musicians.

Choose any of the courses offered by renowned musicians from India. The lessons will be personalized based on your goals and level of knowledge. Read more about the courses from the list above.

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About Online Mridangam Classes

Mridangam lessons for beginners?

Mridangam and Carnatic music, in general, have a steep learning curve. They value improvisation a lot more than just rote learning. For this, it is imperative to have a mridangam teacher guide the students step by step in a journey that explores their imaginations. There are certain mridangam techniques that the teachers provide you to benefit your improvisation skills. Getting the sitting posture right is also critical since you’ll need to be comfortable practicing mridangam for hours while being seated.

Why mridangam lessons from ipassio?

ipassio has some of the top mridangam artists from India who offer classes live and online to students all around the world. For students, who do not have access to local classes, this online method is extremely convenient. Depending on the teacher, mridangam can be taught in Tamil, Malayalam and other South Indian languages the teachers are proficient in. This enables the students to learn mridangam in its purest and most authentic format. Whatever pdf and notes are required for the students in their post-session exercises, the teachers provide them when they deem so.

Topics to be covered

Students will be introduced to Carnatic style of music, by briefly describing the history, the style, basic ragas, etc. The course will continue with basic finger placement and primary playing lessons. This is followed by the introduction to the concept of rhythm. Students will further learn to apply talas, the 3, 4, 5, 7 beat cycles used in Carnatic music system. Moving on, students will be taught to incorporate proper aesthetics for a musical composition. Importance of pauses, proper construction and delivery of Carnatic solos are also covered.

Konnakol in mridangam

Konnakol is the art of performing percussion syllables vocally in South Indian music to convey a larger thalam. It is often compared with hand placements in mridangam. Several mridangam artists engage in teaching konnakol as well. Learning konnakol aids your mridangam learning considerably. Konnakol can also be termed as a mimic of the mridangam instrument. Knowing mridangam is not compulsory to learn konnakol, but it will give you a more solid understanding of the instrument if you learn konnakol.