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Achieve the best with our Online Harmonica Classes and give way to personalized training on a 1-on-1 basis from the most proficient teachers onboard. Onlive, Live Harmonica courses, exclusively on ipassio.

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Did you know? Playing musical instruments like harmonica can dramatically improve recovery from lungs/ respiratory system related issues. As it involves mindful and deep breathing, the same was proven by a study in April 2020, which observed rapid re...Read more

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Online harmonica lessons are taught online via video conferencing tools by harmonica experts with decades of experience. You'll be receiving personalized training from our expert musicians.

Choose any of the courses offered by renowned musicians in the world. Custom lesson plans will be made based on your goals and level of knowledge. Read more about the courses from the list above.

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About Online Harmonica lessons

How to play harmonica for beginners?

Beginners usually purchase a diatonic in the key C and start learning how to hold harmonica the right way. Learning the tonguing technique as well as playing single notes are very important. If you can read music notations, start practicing that, otherwise you can make use of tabs for harmonica. Figure out what style you want to play: Blues, melodies, fills, country harp, etc. In order to get the most beautiful sound out of your harp, you will most likely require professional assistance. Once you learn basic music theory, you’ll be able to improvise on your own riffs. Learning the basics of rhythm will further take you into your harmonica learning journey.

Why harmonica lessons from ipassio?

Learning harmonica all by yourself without any guidance could be chaotic, disorganized and slow. ipassio has some of the top harmonica teachers in the world offering live 1 on 1 classes online. This ensures that you get custom lesson plans based on your level of skills at the comfort of your home. You’ll also be taught those intricate breathing techniques that can improve your performance drastically. Based on the style you choose to pursue, teachers can advise on what type of exercises and practice you need. Since these courses can be learned from anywhere in the world, you can access the top instructors. Based on your learning requirements, you’ll be handed over printable harmonica exercises, pdf, book as and when deemed necessary by the teachers. After learning harmonica for a few months, students will be able to play Bollywood songs and other genres of music on harmonica.

Topics to be covered

Beginner courses will begin by teaching the basics of handling the instrument. Where you place your thumb and mouth matter a lot when it comes to the tone of the instrument. Students will be taught several breathing exercises that include silent inhalation and controlled blowing. Many playing techniques including puckering, tongue blocking, breath control, and hand vibrato will be incorporated into the course. After teaching harmonium tunes, some teachers also cover harmonium blues. Teachers will also cover sessions on how to change chords in harmonica with target notes and target scales. Moving on, students will also be taught several advanced songs, riffs, and scales.

Playing chords on a harmonica

Chord is a set of 3 or more notes sounding simultaneous. All harmonicas including diatonic harmonicas can produce several chords. The most popular chords are major chords, minor chords, and seventh chords. Since you cannot play plenty of chords on diatonic harmonicas, it is unlikely to be used in accompaniment with other instruments. Harmonica players usually play chords as arpeggios. You need to know the individual notes that make up a chord when you wish to play arpeggios. Beginners usually play chords when they try to play a single note. With practice and guidance from expert mouth organ instructors, you’ll easily master playing chords effortlessly.