Online Slide Guitar Lessons

Online Slide Guitar Lessons

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Our Online Slide Guitar Classes are here to make sure that your skill-set is in the process of fine-making and that you can develop your talent under the best techniques taught to you by the best. Learn Slide Guitar Online, through live training.

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About Online Slide Guitar Lessons

Learn slide guitar for beginners

Students need to learn to hold the slide guitar first. The placement of slide and finger techniques have to corrected right from the beginning. Then, before anything complicated, beginners will learn to play some basic 'A shaped' chords. Once you learn basic chords and know what you're doing with the picking hand, we can start sliding, which is a gentle touch of strings over the fret. Several muting techniques are covered next. Beginners will then move onto learning to tune the instrument. Open tunings is a fun technique of doing just the same. One sound advice to beginners is to listen to plenty of compositions played in slide guitar to get an idea of how it sounds and the various possibilities using the instrument.

Why online slide guitar lessons from ipassio?

Ipassio hosts several accomplished slide guitar teachers who can teach in a variety of styles including hindustani classical( mohan veena, in that case) and blues. Though plenty of students play slide guitar in blues and country, the genre possibilities are limitless. At ipassio, teachers take classes via video conferencing tools online to students all around the world. For both beginners and advanced students alike, the courses are suitable. Teachers create custom lesson plans for each student enabling them to study at their own pace.

Topics to be covered

Depending on the style of slide guitar to be taught, course plans are created. For Hindustani classical style, elementary details of vadi, samvadi and nash swara of ragas are taught to begin with. Several raag and about 10 thaats will be taught for beginners. Some of the basic ragas are Yaman, Raag Bhupali, Raag Kirwani, Raag Todi and Maru Bihag. Several blues lessons are taught for students looking for western style. In most of the cases, finger techniques and positioning are the most important lessons to build a strong foundation in pursuing slide guitar.The course through its progression will have several assignments for students. Also, several Bandish, Cheez or Fat which are compositions in Hindustani vocals will be taught.

Finger techniques in slide guitar

Instead of creating notes by pressing the strings, in slide guitar, we run a slide across the strings. Students are expected to have a basic grasp of finger-picking guitar to have a faster learning experience. The picking hand has to be very controlled. We'll be picking and muting with that hand. Once basic chords and picking hand are mastered, we move onto the slide. It's important to note that you are not supposed to 'press' the strings, rather, gently slide it across. There are certain techniques including, 'strike and slide', 'long jumps' and 'vibrato'. The right amount of pressure to be applied to the strings is when the slide is in contact with the string, but not being pressed down onto the fretboard.

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Popular categories :

Hindustani vocal music, Carnatic vocal music, Konnakol, Sitar, Veena, Sarod, Flute, Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Tabla, Painting, Guitar, Violin, Kanjira, Mridangam, Ghatam, Acrylic Painting, Drawing, Sketching, Piano, Harmonica, Harmonium, Music Theory, Sculpting, Santoor, Yoga, Jewellery design, Acting, Salsa, French, German, Italian, Western Music, Bollywood singing, Ghazal, Sufi music, Portuguese, Hindi, Gujarati Singing, Mandolin

Major cities our students come from :

United States of America : New York, Los Angeles, Fremont, San Jose, Santa Clara, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, Denver, Seattle, Detroit, Washington, Boston, Memphis, Nashville, Portland, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Colorado Springs, New Orleans

United Kingdom : London, Birmingham, Leicester, Slough, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool

India : Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Patna, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur


How long and how often should I practice Slide Guitar?

Our educators advise students to practice for at least an hour every day so that they are up to date with whatever techniques or pointers they learn over the class. It also depends on the kind of level you are learning at and also your aim. Students can pitch in more time if they are aiming to develop their skills from scratch to a professional level.

How long does it take to learn Slide Guitar?

The time duration for every slide guitar course has been mentioned on our category page. The duration is proportionate to the curriculum and also the level at which you're learning the slide guitar in our course.

What is the best way to learn Slide Guitar?

The best way you could learn the slide guitar is through live lessons, exclusively held for students on ipassio. With premium-quality courses that are carefully curated for students by acclaimed educators, pave your way to learning the slide guitar in the best possible way, from the comfort of your home or any other surrounding of your choice.

How old should children be before starting Slide Guitar lessons?

Any individual from the age of five and upwards can enroll for these slide guitar courses on our platform. The only prerequisite for these courses is that the individual should be interested and keen on picking up the hobby, voluntarily.

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