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Begin your Acrylic Painting learning journey with our exclusive, Online Acrylic Painting Courses that will be taught personally, live, on a 1-on-1 basis by famous mentors. Achieve the best while you Learn Acrylic Painting Online with the best.

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Online acrylic painting classes are taught online via video conferencing tools by artists with decades of experience. You'll receive personalized training on using acrylics from our painting teachers.

Choose any of the courses offered by renowned acrylic painting artists in the world. The course will be personalized based on your goals and level of knowledge. Read more about the courses from the list above.

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About Online Acrylic painting lessons

How to learn acrylic painting for beginners?

When learning to paint, start with understanding the way colors dry up, how brushes feel, etc. Most art teachers insist on making their students “play” with cheap acrylics for 30-45 minutes to let loose of their ambiguity. When beginner students have an art teacher who can teach step-by-step, it can accelerate their learning curve. In the beginning stages, you may start mixing colors to see what you get. It is often with getting used to the feel of the acrylic colors that you can paint better. You may purchase the basic primary colors at first to get a good range for your work. You can mix the paints with a palette knife when you don’t want to clean the brushes. Before purchasing a canvas, you can buy a pad of acrylic paper to practice on. If you have a bit of experience with drawing, it’ll complement your painting ideas much better. Also, note that having a spray water bottle next to you to keep the acrylic paints wet is crucial.

Why acrylic painting lessons from ipassio?

ipassio has teachers who teach you to create a realistic acrylic painting step by step in a very easy to understand format. These teachers are some of the top artists in the world with decades of art experience. If you want to paint realistic landscapes or portraits, our teachers can guide you on the right track. Classes are conducted online via video conferencing, which allows you to learn from your living room while working on your canvas. They can also put you in the right track if you ever wish to work on oil painting, drawing, sketching, coffee painting, etc. ipassio platform enables you access to a one-stop solution for learning any sort of painting. The live format enables our teachers to correct your brush strokes, techniques, mixing to make sure you don’t make mistakes while working your masterpiece. No long-term commitment means that you can choose to take help from our teachers whenever you wish.

Topics to be covered

Students will learn the benefits of using acrylics over oil paints and watercolor, about its waterproof nature, techniques to keep the paint wet at all times, etc. Students will learn the types of materials that need to be purchased. You’ll also learn several brushwork and mixing techniques, that can get you started soon. The course will teach you how to use the correct values of colors, aerial perspective for landscape paintings, creating light and developing layers of depth in the landscapes. You’ll also learn to use gradients in acrylics along with the techniques to get a 3D perspective. Courses will also cover glazes, additives, mediums, types of support including canvas, wood, and paper. After assessing the student’s style, the teacher will suggest various techniques that can improve their painting skills.

Different techniques of painting

Drybrush is a popular technique where you apply paint straight out of the tube. Washing is another one where you dilute the acrylic so much so that it acts like watercolor, but being permanent. When you flick or splatter paint onto the canvas, it gives an abstract effect which can be used in creating abstract landscapes or starry nights. Another technique is dabbing where you apply paint on the corner of a sponge or even a piece of paper towel. For sharp and realistic details, you’ll need a small, fine brush to carefully paint them.