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About Online Drawing lessons

How to learn drawing for beginners?

The most important thing required to learn how to draw is an insatiable desire to keep improving your skills. For absolute beginners, you may always start your drawing journey with stick figures. As you keep practicing, your skills improve. Some of the step by step methods to learn drawing is as follows. Start observing other portraits and drawings. When you learn to observe the shades, depth and other intricate details of other drawings, you’ll better implement it on your artwork. Step 1 is to start drawing a simple circle and keep drawing it until it becomes a perfect circle. It’ll improve your hand-eye coordination. Then move on to shading the circle to give it depth. This will require you to understand several light sources and shadows. High level of observation will help you here. Next, understand the concept of the vanishing point. At this point, you’ll require an art teacher who would take you through step by step to the advanced techniques.

Why drawing lessons from ipassio?

Art teachers at ipassio take drawing lessons to students from all around the world. They take online classes to beginner and advanced students through courses which are personalized to their drawing needs. Some students need to be taught sketching before getting into portrait drawing. It is rightly assessed by the teacher while meeting the students. Be it, kids or adults, ipassio conducts drawing lessons for everyone at the comfort of their homes via video conferencing tools. Teachers provide students with pdf, video lessons, and other course materials as and when they deem it necessary. This will enable art students with adequate practice exercises.

Topics to be covered

Beginner to advanced students will have personalized pencil drawing classes based on their level of skills. Ideally, students will be taught on aspects such as tones, textures, shadows, and light, which are important to create realistic portraits using pencils. It will educate students on basic pencil sketching, rendering, materials required and their specific purpose. Information on spheres and three types of finishing for the sphere are also covered. Directions on how to use a flat brush and other brushes will also be taught. Kneaded erasers will help lift pigments off artwork and the correct method of use will be taught to the students.

Different medium of drawing

Drawings can be made on several types of medium. Pencil drawing is one of the popular techniques. Several graphite pencils of grade can be used to create monochromatic portraits, whereas colored pencils give out a much richer feel. Using charcoal for drawing is also yet another popular medium. Courses of the charcoal painting are available at ipassio. Pastel can also be used beautifully to create mesmerizing drawings of faces. It is an easy way of creating drawings.