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Pursue Violin Online with ipassio’s Online Violin Lessons where enrolled students are taught exclusively online, live, and on a 1-on-1 basis. Pick up a violin course from ipassio and begin your hobby-learning journey today!

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Did you know? The amazing sound of the violin comes because of the "soundpost", which is a small dowel inside the violin beneath the bridge. It is generated because of the vibrations created by the strings from the bridge and transmitted to the back ...Read more

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Online violin lessons are taught online via video conferencing tools by violinists with decades of experience. You'll be receiving personalized training from our expert guitar teachers.

Choose any of the courses offered by renowned musicians in the world. The course will be personalized based on your goals and level of knowledge. Read more about the courses from the list above.

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About Online Violin Classes

How to learn to play violin for beginners?

Before learning how to play the violin, you need to understand how to tune it, which requires you to understand pitch, intervals, chords etc. If you want to play Beethoven, you definitely need a teacher, since it takes a lot of molding. You’ll also need to understand how the notes sound, whether flat or sharp. For beginners, it’s necessary to learn how to hold the violin. Also, your standing posture, jaw position, shoulder resting, finger placements and chin rest are very important and these can be taught easily and efficiently by an expert teacher. Recorded videos on Youtube often fail to provide personalized training for students. Whether a beginner kid or an adult, initial sounds you produce would be like enraged cats, but that’s fine. It's only through step by step practice that you can start sounding better.

Why violin lessons from ipassio?

Violin teachers at ipassio offer step by step lessons to students from varying age groups, be it, adults or kids. Violin lessons are personalized to suit each student’s level of skills and knowledge. You can take these classes right from the comfort of your home. Our violin teachers also provide necessary study materials including pdf and worksheets containing musical notes, as and when required. When you wish to learn violin by yourself once a lesson gets over, teachers provide assignments and exercises that students can practice at home. Ipassio also has teachers who teach Hindustani and Carnatic style of violin for the students who are interested in the Indian style of violin. Moreover, our violin teachers make the classes entertaining, engaging and very informative, which is the right methodology of teaching violin.

Topics to be covered

The beginner courses start with learning how to hold the violin properly, hand positioning, first, second, third and fourth finger placement, how to rest on your shoulder, etc. Then you’ll cover a few basic notations and chords. Special attention is given on how to hold the bow and how to correctly position it. Based on the style you have chosen, you’ll be taught several gliding techniques. You’ll be taught how to tune a violin as well. This is a very important skill that every adult and kid violinist should know about. You’ll also learn to identify different several sounds to be flat or sharp. At higher levels, the violin becomes so nuanced that only an expert violinist can guide you correctly. The courses are ideal for both beginners and advanced violin learners.

Online violin classes for kids and adults

Different methods are used to take violin classes for kids and adults. Kids need to be shown exercises and notes multiple times as compared to an adult. Only experienced teachers who are very patient can be given the responsibility of taking violin lessons for beginner kids. Holding the violin and the bow are two of the things that kids seem to struggle the most initially. But as far as adults are concerned, they require a practical approach to learning the violin. At ipassio, our experienced teachers customize the courses as per each student based on their level of knowledge and goals. Students will be provided sufficient study materials including notes, pdfs, videos etc, as and when required.