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About Online Mohiniyattam classes

Topics to be covered under online Mohiniyattam classes

The beginner Mohiniyattam course delves into dance history and how it became the signature dance form of Kerala. It would teach students basic adavus or adavukal, foot movements, mudras, and hand gestures. Classes will teach students how to depict six different characters and they will be able to present a 10-minute performance post-course completion. Students will also learn the art of swaying the torso combined with subtle glances, postures, and gait.

How to learn Mohiniyattam as a beginner?

A Mohiniyattam dance teacher can guide you the best as a beginner. There are certain movements and adavus that need to be solid for this classical dance. Trying to learn by yourselves in the beginning stages can send you in the wrong learning direction. Usually, a few months with a trained professional dancer can make you do the basic foot movements and mudras. At this stage, students need to be dedicated and fully committed to this art form.

How ipassio's Mohiniyattam classes are different from others?

ipassio has some of the top professional dancers who have trained from Kalamandalam and other reputed institutions. They offer dance lessons via online video conferencing. This will ensure that you can learn Mohiniyattam right from your living room. Also, the price of classes is so convenient that you just need to pay for only a minimum of 2 classes at a time.


What is Mohiniyattam?

It is a popular Indian classical dance form that originated in the state of Kerala. It means - the dance of the enchantress and is dedicated to the ‘Mohini’ avatar of Vishnu. It's a graceful dance performed mostly by women. The movements are smooth and flowing, telling stories through gestures and expressions. The costumes are usually elegant with colorful sarees, and the dance often includes rhythmic footwork and hand movements. Overall, it's a beautiful art form that blends dance, music, and storytelling.

Is Mohiniyattam easy to learn?

Learning Mohiniyattam can be both fun and challenging. It requires practice to master the graceful movements, expressions, and rhythms. Like any dance form, it takes time and dedication to become skilled. However, with patience and guidance from a good teacher, anyone can learn and enjoy Mohiniyattam. So, while it might not be super easy, it's definitely achievable with effort and passion.

How long will it take to learn Mohiniyattam?

The time it takes to learn Mohiniyattam varies for each person. It depends on factors like how often you practice, your natural talent, and your dedication. Some people may start performing basic steps in a few months, while mastering the dance could take several years. Consistent practice and learning from a good teacher are key to improving faster. So, while there's no fixed timeline, with patience and effort, you can make progress and enjoy dancing Mohiniyattam!

How many steps are there in Mohiniyattam?

There are 80 adavus (steps) and 24 hasta mudras. These steps are like building blocks for the dance. They include movements of the feet, hands, and body, which dancers combine to create beautiful sequences. Each adavu has its own name and specific rhythm. By mastering these steps, dancers can perform various expressions and stories through their dance. Overall, there are several adavus in Mohiniyattam, each adding richness and depth to the performance.

Can I enroll my 3-year-old daughter in this class?

You can connect for a free meeting with the teacher. They will evaluate the potential of your daughter and guide you accordingly. Ideally, initiating kids into classical dance classes as early as possible is better. It helps them to develop a better sense of rhythm. They have a better posture and a more agile body movement. They get their fundamentals stronger and faster than older students.

I am 40 years old. I have never danced before. Can I learn Mohiniyattam?

Of course, you can start learning Mohiniyattam at the age of 45. The only thing you have to ensure is that you are physically fit to be able to dance. It is better to consult your physician so that you are aware of the limitations and possibilities of your body. Update about this to your dance teacher and then start learning dance.

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