Online Italian Lessons

Online Italian Lessons

by Top Italian Teachers

Now you can master Italian from the comfort of your homes, with ipassio’s Online Italian Lessons where enrolled students are taught exclusively online, live, and on a 1-on-1 basis. Begin one of these Italian courses today!

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Did you know? There are many dialects in Italian. Italy was divided into multiple states under foreign authority for centuries until 1861. And each of these regions had its own language that coexisted with "standard" Italian. Hence, such a wide array...Read more

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World-class masters as teachers

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Online Italian classes are taught online via video conferencing tools by teachers with decades of experience in teaching Italian. You'll be receiving personalized training from these renowned linguists.

Choose any of the courses offered by various Italian teachers all around the world. Based on your goals and level of knowledge, custom lesson plans will be made. Read more about the courses from the list above.

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About Online Italian Lessons

Best way to learn Italian online

Being a romance language, Italian is an easy language to learn, especially for English speakers. There are plenty of methods you can employ to learn Italian fluently. There are several language learning apps and podcasts that are good for people attempting to learn Italian as a hobby. There are also several certification courses that provide a degree or certificate upon completion. But the fastest way you can learn Italian is when you learn the language directly from a teacher. The teacher customizes the course based on your level of knowledge. Whether you're an adult or a child, you can learn the language faster when you get direct feedback from the teacher regularly. Learning by listening to audiobooks, movies or comedy shows can also increase the rate of increasing your vocabulary. Having flashcards or quizzes can also help in your learning journey. You can also learn Italian through tandem partners. Tandem learning is a technique where 2 people who know different languages teach each other the language they know. Having mentioned all the different methods, the fastest and most efficient method still remains to be learning directly from a tutor.

Why online Italian classes from ipassio?

ipassio hosts some of the top Italian teachers from all around the world. They have created courses especially for beginner and intermediate levels of students. Teachers customize the classes based on the students' level of knowledge. Step by step classes are offered to students, ensuring that they pick up a solid vocabulary of Italian words along the way. Special attention for kids is also provided to ensure that they get enough support right from a young age. Duration of each course is mentioned within each course page. Students have the flexibility of taking classes for even a minimum of 2 classes at a time. No long term commitments are required from them. Teachers provide several practice exercises and PDF for students to work on even after the sessions get over. Teachers give such materials based on their sole discretion after assessing students' requirements. Learning from teachers directly is the best method for students to learn the Italian language fast.

Topics to be covered

The teacher begins most of the beginner courses with an introduction to the Italian language. It is followed by basic grammar, word bank and conversational-style phrases that are likely to come up during real-life situations. Students will also be provided with various study materials that include lectures, worksheets, and mini projects. This is to ensure that students remain engaged and learn fast. Students also get feedback from native Italian speakers so that even their slightest mistakes are corrected. Several idiomatic expressions with "avere", verb conjugations are also covered by the teachers.

Beginner lessons in Italian

Start with a basic vocabulary of 2000-5000 Italian words. Follow it up with learning the basic grammar of the Italian language. Advanced grammar in Italian is unnecessarily complicated and even the native Italian speakers do not fully understand it. As a beginner, you may avoid that initially. You may then go ahead with listening to real-life conversations in Italian. Either through movies, TV shows, podcasts or cartoons. You may then learn basic greetings and introductions with an understanding of numbers and pronouns. Students will then learn gendered adjectives and nouns with the help of the tutor. Most helpful lessons in Italian are the ones that teach you the words you can use on a daily basis. For example, lessons about where you live, ordering and paying for food, getting a cab, understanding time, etc. Further ahead, you can learn the phrases required to talk about shopping, about a city, asking directions, recipes, etc. The teachers at ipassio will guide you through all these lessons keeping in mind your personal goals.