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Did you know? A body of early research evidence has shown, musicians outperform nonmusicians across many psychological measures like receptive vocabulary, nonverbal intelligence, short-term and working memory.

Citation : D’Souza, Annalise A., and Melody Wiseheart. ‘Cognitive Effects of Music and Dance Training in Children.’ Archives of Scientific Psychology, vol. 6, no. 1, 20181115, p. 178.,

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About Bollywood Singing Classes

Best way to learn bollywood singing

Every great singer has perfected their own unique style of singing. Though it feels counterintuitive, it is advised that for identifying your unique style, you need to analyze and copy the style of your favorite singers first, instead of the songs. After observing several vocalists, you realize that there are 5 - 6 different voice types, including screaming metal voice, soft angelic voice, smokey sexy voice, etc. Try experimenting with several voice types until you find the one that suits your voice the most. For beginners, sing at least 30 minutes a day to train your voice. Of course, there are multiple methods to learn bollywood singing; there are tutorials on Youtube and online websites with singing video resources. But if you want a step-by-step method that is customized to your vocal skills, you'll need to learn under a singing coach. Ideally someone with decades of experience in singing and training others. This can be done either in-person or online.

Why bollywood singing classes from ipassio?

Vocal coaches at ipassio are teachers with decades of experience in singing and training students. They create custom learning plans for students based on their interest and level of knowledge. They uncover the hidden talents in people and help them sing with emotions. For students aspiring to be professional playback Hindi singers, special coaching will be provided that will take them through that route. For students who wish to participate in singing reality shows especially Hindi music reality shows in India, separate audition training and performance coaching will be provided by teachers. This ensures that students have a better chance at excelling at such reality shows. Especially when it comes to auditions and performances, students really benefit a lot from the practical tips given by ipassio teachers. Voice modulation, microphone handling, and stage awareness are also some of the topics taught by our teachers. Students can avail these singing classes at the comfort of their homes via online video conferencing tools. As far as fees are concerned, students need to pay for only a minimum of two classes at a time.

Topics to be covered

Several basic lessons of singing which include basic music theory, Hindustani and Carnatic classical music basics and vocal training will be covered. Since almost all Bollywood singers have a background in classical music, it is beneficial to cover basic ragas, talas, and compositions. Students will be taught how to get natural vibrato in their voice. You'll also be taught how to identify your vocal flaws and how to work on them. Some of the teachers cover different breathing exercises that help increase their lung capacity and also inhale/exhale techniques. If the student wishes to become a Youtube singer, some of the teachers will cover tips and tricks that help them on that journey as well.

Beginner lessons in voice training

The most important aspect of voice training is taking care of the voice. It is advised to have at least 8 glasses of water daily. It will keep your membranes hydrated. Refrain from smoking and having certain spicy food that can negatively affect your voice. As a thumb rule, practice at least 30 minutes a day. In order to know how you're singing, record yourself on a computer or a mobile phone and play it. You'll need to work on your ear training as well. The better your ear, the better your singing will be. Train yourself to use a lot of air while singing. Breathing deep from the diaphragm is extremely helpful to your perfect your techniques. If you can't get enough breath behind your notes, your notes won't resonate well. Practicing your breathing will help you develop your capacity and stamina. Once you start singing, you need to learn to express your emotions while singing. It really makes a lot of difference when you can sing passionately with your emotions.