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Online Western Music Lessons

Begin your Western music journey with our exclusive, Online Western Singing courses that will be taught personally, live, on a 1-on-1 basis by famous mentors. Achieve the best of Western singing from our stellar set of mentors.

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Western music classes are taught via Skype by teachers with decades of experience in teaching music. You'll be receiving personalized training from these renowned vocalists.

Choose any of the courses offered by various western musicians all around the world. Based on your goals and level of knowledge, custom lesson plans will be made. Read more about the courses from the list above.

Students love our courses. Do you know how we know that? Because about 98% of our students purchase the classes again. The practical tips shared by our teachers can be put into use immediately.

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About Online Western Music Lessons

Best way to learn western music

In the pursuit of learning western music, you can draw inspiration from various videos and music tutorials available online including Youtube. However, being a creative hobby, the true potential of western vocals lie in its improvisations. Only a trained teacher can identify vocal strengths and techniques in a student and can help them nurture it. You may have to focus on your vocals techniques while starting off. Learning western classical with a strong foundation in music theory can be advantageous even if your intention is to learn singing just as a hobby. You may get books on music theory or alternatively, there are plenty of websites online that offer free lessons. Most of the tutorials available online will be structured, but if you want a personalized step by step structure, you’ll need to take private lessons from a teacher. Teachers at ipassio come with decades of experience and they can accelerate your learning pace considerably.

Why western music classes from ipassio?

Teachers at ipassio are some of the most successful western vocalists around the world. Some of them have been artists under western record labels and have published several albums. Learning under them will give you immense experience and you can learn western music much faster. You’ll learn the lessons step by step with adequate guidance from the teacher. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced vocalist, our teachers can create custom plans that suit your skills and requirements. Several students learn music just enough so that they can perform at functions. Classes at ipassio can be tailored just to cater to that requirement as well. Depending on the teacher, students may receive custom practice materials, worksheets and other PDF that they can make use of during their off session timings. One of the main reasons students love learning via ipassio is that they can avail music classes right from the comfort of their home.

Topics to be covered

Most of the western music courses start with a basic understanding of students’ expectations and objectives. Then the teacher assesses the students’ vocal quality to make a custom plan that suits the students’ skills. As the classes begin, the teacher will provide several exercises on breath control, accent, pitching and poise required during a singing performance. Students get very practical tips that they can put into use immediately to improve both their vocal performance and stage performance.

Beginner lessons in western vocals

Having a strong foundation in music theory is critical in learning western vocals in the right manner. Especially for a beginner who is starting out, music theory will help tremendously in building a strong base. There are four voice types based on the pitch you need to know: Bass, Tenor, Alto, and Soprano. Basic vocal types of men are Bass and Tenor. For women, they usually sing at higher pitches than men. For them, their vocal types are Alto and Soprano. Once you understand these pitch types, you’ll need to get a grip over rhythm and timing. In most cases, to get timings right, you will be using a metronome. Moving ahead, you’ll learn several musical notes and time signatures. After having understood the topics above, you’ll also need to learn to read music. All these are included in the basic courses of western vocals.