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Join ipassio and enjoy Online Portuguese Lessons offered on an exclusive basis. Learn how to communicate in Portuguese with our Online, Live, 1-on-1 Courses and receive a personalized education.

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Online Portuguese classes are taught via Skype by teachers with decades of experience in teaching Portuguese. You'll be receiving personalized training from these renowned tutors.

Choose any of the courses offered by various Portuguese teachers all around the world. Based on your goals and level of knowledge, custom lesson plans will be made. Read more about the courses from the list above.

Students love our courses. Do you know how we know that? Because about 98% of our students purchase the classes again. The practical tips shared by our teachers can be put into use immediately.

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About Online Portuguese Lessons

Best way to learn Portuguese online

Portuguese is a Latin romance language that sounds very beautiful but has pronunciations that are a bit difficult. One of the ways you can learn fast as a beginner is to purchase a book with audio lessons. It would give you a brief idea about how Portuguese as a language sounds like. But having a private teacher who can guide you step by step on the ideal path and correct your mistakes as and when it happens would be the most effective method of learning for a beginner. As in the case of all languages, only when you keep practicing it, you'll become better at speaking the language. Conversing with people, who are of Latin origin or Brazilians can also be very effective in understanding the language faster. There are also several other Portuguese learning apps and podcasts that can help you in conducting daily exercises, but the fastest and most effective way to learn Portuguese is to learn directly from the teacher.

Why online Portuguese lessons from ipassio?

Like most of the romance languages, Portuguese has to be learned live and cannot be mastered through reading books alone. Teachers at ipassio are specially trained to teach you the language based on your skills and requirements. They create customized lesson plans that suit your level of difficulty and style of learning. With years of experience in teaching, our teachers understand the right patterns to follow that bring maximum results. They can ensure that you have faultless grammar, have deftness in your oral comprehension and clarity of speech. You can avail these online lessons from the comfort of your home via video conferencing, which makes it very easy for students all around the world.

Topics to be covered

Different topics will be covered for students at different levels of difficulty. Students generally expand their vocabulary while practicing their speech online. Usage of several simple sentences along with common phrases and basic expressions in Portuguese will also be covered for beginners. For basic courses, students will learn how to introduce themselves, give personal information and maintain a cordial conversation with native Portuguese speakers. Different parts of speech including articles, adjectives, nouns, proper nouns, adverbs, etc will also be taught as deemed necessary. Students at intermediate to advanced level will be able to sharpen their pronunciation skills and strengthen their vocabulary even further.

Beginner lessons in Portuguese

Beginners are suggested to start with learning Brazilian Portuguese which is a simpler form of Portuguese language. You can focus on everyday conversational vocabulary and basic sentence structure to begin with. This includes basic greetings, introductions and communications at common gatherings including restaurants, hotels and public transportation. You'll also learn nasal pronunciations in Brazilian Portuguese. For beginners, there are several listening comprehensions that help you understand every single word. Certain polite etiquettes like por favor, Obrigada and others will be necessary to be covered for beginners. Certain questions and most commonly used phrases will also be covered by Portuguese teachers at ipassio. Differences between verb couples like por and para, or ser and estar are some other basic topics to be covered.