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Playing a musical instrument demands the exact mapping of a musical note (sound) to the finger that executes that note (movement). Thus, those who play musical instruments have better sensory-motor integration and auditory-motor connections than thos...Read more

Citation : Zatorre RJ, Chen JL, Penhune VB. When the brain plays music: auditory-motor interactions in music perception and production. Nature Reviews Neuroscience. July 2007; 8: 547-558.

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About Online Mandolin lessons

Best way to learn to play mandolin

Finding roots in the lute family, the mandolin is a moderately easy instrument to learn. Due to the mandolin's lightweight, compact body and fewer number of strings, it can be considered easier than many other stringed instruments. As a beginner, you may get choose to inspired by various mandolin tutorial videos available on the web. This can help you find a style that you prefer. However, if you wish to learn to play in the right manner, it is always advised to find a teacher who can guide you step by step. You could prefer going to training institutions near you or online classes where teachers can guide you.

Why online mandolin classes from ipassio?

ipassio has some of the most reputed mandolin teachers in the platform offering lessons in various styles. The mandolin classes can be accessed through online video conferencing platforms by students all over the world. Depending on the style of mandolin students wish to learn, our teachers customize the lesson plans to ensure that students learn the right lessons at the right time. These classes are suitable for both the beginner and advanced mandolin students. Be it popular songs to traditional compositions, students can opt to learn what they like.

Topics to be covered

Through various courses, you'll learn the correct methods of holding the instrument along with holding the pick. You'll also cover training on tuning the mandolin instrument. You'll then get accustomed to several tunes and sessions that can get you comfortable in the keys of D & A. Understanding the fingering techniques is one of the most popular topics among beginners. Once basic tunes are covered, you'll learn to play chords, which are important to making compositions. If you'd like to play alongside a band, you will need to learn to play in rhythm. Several rhythmic patterns and techniques will also be covered in these courses. Depending on the style of mandolin that you prefer, bluegrass, Italian or classical (carnatic), teachers will give you personalised lessons in mastering each style. You'll be provided with adequate guidance in practicing with right hand, controlling the instrument and left hand, using fingering techniques to employ tunes.

Styles of mandolin lessons

There are several styles or genres of playing mandolin. For traditional folk tunes, Irish musicians have been using mandolin for ages. There are several classical musical aficionados who have used mandolin to play in classical genre, especially carnatic and hindustani. There are several bluegrass, country, swing, jazz old-time, folk and rick mandolin musicians who have made their mark too. If you prefer a particular genre, mandolin teachers can personalize the lessons to suit your style. Regarding the shape of the instrument, there are the 2 most common shapes, A-style and F-style mandolin.