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Enroll in our Online German Classes and give way to customized and personalized training on a 1-on-1 basis from the most proficient teachers onboard. Onlive, Live German courses, exclusively on ipassio.

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Online German Courses are taught via Skype by teachers with decades of experience in teaching German. You'll be receiving personalized training from these renowned linguists.

Choose any of the courses offered by various German teachers all around the world. Based on your goals and level of knowledge, custom lesson plans will be made. Read more about the courses from the list above.

Students love our courses. Do you know how we know that? Because about 98% of our students purchase the classes again. The practical tips shared by our teachers can be put into use immediately.

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About Online German Courses

Best way to learn German online

In order to learn German, it is important to realize that learning phrases is more important than learning just words alone. There are several mobile apps and youtube videos that offer German learning lessons. Another alternative way to learn German online is by watching TV shows, podcasts, and movies in German. The ideal method for you is dependent on your learning goals. Do you want to learn just enough German to converse while in Germany or are you looking for a professional setup? Another tip is to build up a vocabulary of words that are similar to the conversations you have on a daily basis. It can help you learn to speak German faster. Like any other language, you cannot completely grasp the language by just reading a book. You’ll need to practice speaking it. Learning the language directly from a teacher through interactive live lessons is one of the fastest ways of learning German. You can have your lessons customized to suit your style when learning from a tutor.

Why online German courses from ipassio?

ipassio has some of the most highly skilled German instructors from all over the world. Due to the interactive nature of the classes, it is the best way to learn the German language for beginners online. At the comfort of their homes, students learn the language step by step. Extensive support from teachers is provided for the entire duration of the course. By answering the queries and giving regular feedback, students learn to speak German better. After completing a course, a certificate of completion will be awarded to the students. Several assignments, worksheets, pdf, lessons and exercise materials are shared with students to help them learn German better. If the student wishes to focus on conversational German, a custom vocabulary that will help them for that purpose may be developed with the help of the teacher. For both kids and adults alike, this format of live classes has worked the best. Even for students seeking more professional career opportunities, the courses at ipassio are perfect.

Topics to be covered

Basic conversational skills and vocabulary will be taught to beginners. For those who seek professional learning, a custom curriculum covering grammar, verb conjugation etc will be created. Students will learn to introduce themselves and others, discuss the past, present, and future and describing objects. Teachers will also cover verbs, keywords, grammar, and many commonly requested dialogues. For advanced users, using the negation with "nicht" and "kein", time indications, subordinate sentences with "weil" and "dass" will also be covered. Students will also be taught colors and numbers in German depending on their needs. You'll also be taught to improve your listening and German comprehension skills through ear training and visual learning. Several complex topics in German are broken down into easily understandable segments for beginners to learn fast. Several mistakes german learners make are also covered in the learning curriculum in order for you to stay away from those.

Learn German for beginners

For starters, basic introductions including formal and informal address will begin their journey into German learning. The initial step to the journey is the basic sounds. Learning how to hear, pronounce and spell German words before memorizing words and meanings can be a good practice to start. There are lots of similarities between German and English. However, certain symbols like Ä, Ö, Ü would be new to students. An understanding of such alphabets will inculcate a lot of confidence among beginners. This will be followed by a quick introduction to German nouns. How the capitalization rules are followed, noun genders, plural nouns are some of the next topics. Learning polite and informal commands in German will help you converse freely in German. You'll then learn to ask questions with the equivalent of - "Who? What? When? How? Why?". In order to have a solid foundation, you need to practice reading, listening, speaking and writing in German.

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