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About Odissi

Odissi is a classical dance form from the state of Odisha, India, with ancient roots traced back to temple sculptures. Dancers wear elaborate traditional costumes, featuring vibrant sarees and intricate jewelry. The dance incorporates expressive hand gestures (mudras), intricate footwork, and the distinctive tribhangi posture. Odissi often depicts Hindu mythological stories, particularly those of Lord Krishna. The music accompanying the dance is classical Odissi music, accompanied by instruments like the mandala, flute, and sitar. Prominent gurus, including Kelucharan Mohapatra, have contributed to the development of different styles within Odissi. Known for its graceful movements and storytelling through facial expressions, Odissi continues to be showcased in festivals such as the Konark Dance Festival, representing a captivating blend of tradition and artistry.

If you're enchanted by the rhythms of Odissi dance, ipassio offers a platform to immerse yourself in the captivating world of this ancient and graceful art form, guided by seasoned mentors. Specializing in Odissi techniques, our mentors lead you through the intricacies of expressive movements and storytelling, enriching your journey in this mesmerizing dance tradition. Your progression in mastering Odissi unfolds gradually, step by step.

Embark on online Odissi dance lessons led by mentors with decades of experience. Through ipassio, you gain exclusive access to a personalized curriculum, as our top-notch educators conduct live, one-on-one sessions to help you explore and refine your Odissi dance skills in an engaging online setting.


What is the right age to start learning Odissi dance?

Odissi is one of the classical dance forms of India. If you are planning to initiate your kid into this dance form, it is better to start between the age of 4-7 years. At this age, the body is very adaptable and flexible. It will be easier for them to pick up the nuances faster and better. Moreover, learning Odissi will also aid their physical development.

Is there any age restriction for learning Odissi dance?

There is no age limit for learning anything. And Odissi dance is no exception. But make sure that you are physically fit to carry out the postures and body movements that will be taught in the class.

What are the benefits of learning Odissi dance?

Learning Odissi dance offers physical benefits such as flexibility and cardiovascular health, promotes graceful posture and body awareness, and serves as an expressive art form. It contributes to cultural preservation, fosters discipline and focus, provides social engagement, and can be a therapeutic outlet for stress reduction.

I learned the basics of Odissi around ten years ago. Can I start learning again?

Why not? You can certainly start learning again. You can interact with the teachers through the free meeting and discuss what you have learned earlier. They will recommend the right course for you. One prerequisite here though - please come with an open mind. You may have to unlearn what you learned earlier and re-learn in a new way as per the guidance of your new teacher at ipassio.

What should I wear while practicing Odissi?

For practicing Odissi at home, women can wear comfortable leggings with a draped cotton saree and minimal jewelry. Men can opt for flexible pants and a fitted t-shirt, adding anklets for rhythmic foot movements. The emphasis is on comfort while maintaining a connection to the cultural aspects of Odissi.

How are these online Odissi classes customized?

Every learner has his/ her own way and pace of learning new things. Also, some students are new to the dance form while some could be professional performers. So the one formula fit to all does not work at all. Keeping this in mind the online Odissi classes on ipassio are customized to suit different skill levels, from beginners to advanced dancers. Instructors tailor lessons to individual progress, focusing on technique, rhythm, and choreography based on the student's pace and ability.

Is it compulsory to have a prior background in dance to join these classes?

If you are joining the beginner-level course, it is not at all compulsory to have a prior background in dance. But if you are joining at the intermediate or advanced levels, it is necessary to have training in Odissi dance for a certain number of years. If you have learned Odissi before under some other teacher and are planning to start learning again, you can discuss the same with the teacher during the free meeting. Accordingly, you can select the level of course that you want to join.

What is the duration of these classes?

The duration of online Odissi classes on ipassio typically ranges from 45 to 60 minutes per session, depending on the program and the level of the class.

Is Odissi difficult to learn

Odissi is one of the most graceful traditional dances in India. Essentially, it takes time to assimilate the true essence of the dance form in totality. However, if the orientation is done properly, the students don’t find it difficult to pick up the style. The teachers on ipassio pay particular attention to see that every student enjoys the online sessions and also learns the concepts taught in the class. Odissi can be challenging due to its intricate movements, rhythms, and expressions. However, with regular practice and dedication, and most importantly, the right guidance, it is accessible to learners of all levels.

What are the professional possibilities after I learn Odissi dance?

After learning Odissi, professional possibilities include becoming a performer, choreographer, dance teacher, or researcher. You can also participate in cultural programs, festivals, and competitions.

What technical specifications need to be taken care of while learning Odissi dance online?

Ensure you have a stable internet connection, a device with a good camera and microphone, and enough space to move freely. Good lighting and a non-slip dance surface are also important.

What is the relevance of Odissi dance in today’s time?

Odissi dance preserves and promotes Indian cultural heritage. It is a great way to start your dance career. It is the best way to inculcate several attributes such as grace, poise, body movement, nimbleness in footwork, and the art of acting. And above all, it teaches the art of storytelling. These are attributes that every performer should have. If you possess these qualities, you can adapt to any performing art form.

Can I ask my teacher to teach me an Odissi choreography based on some Bollywood song?

Yes, you can ask your teacher to incorporate Bollywood songs into your Odissi choreography though it depends on the teacher’s flexibility and the curriculum of the class. Also, the teacher might evaluate your ability for the same.

How are these online Odissi classes structured?

Online Odissi classes typically start with a warm-up, followed by basic exercises, technique practice, and choreography. They may also include discussions on the dance's history and cultural context.

Will I get a certificate after completing these courses?

Yes, you will be awarded Certificates of Accomplishment by ipassio upon reaching (completing) certain levels across your journey.

Why are these online Odissi dance courses divided into different levels?

These courses are divided into different levels, namely, beginners, intermediates, advanced, and professionals. This aims to systematically build skills and knowledge. Each level addresses specific techniques and complexities, ensuring a structured and progressive learning experience.

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