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If you are looking for sculpture classes near me, ipassio is the right place. Begin your Sculpting classes with our exclusive, online Sculpture courses that will be taught personally, live, on a 1-on-1 basis by famous sculptors.

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World-class masters as teachers

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Course studio that amplifies learning

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Access to the global creative community

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Pay as you go - 2 classes at a time

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World-class masters as teachers

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Personalized & Interactive 1-on-1 classes

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About Online Sculpting Classes

How to clay sculpt a human figure?

Building a connection between your eyes, limbs, head, and fingers are one of the most important aspects for creating a realistic human figure. Before getting into the details, for a beginner, it is important to start practicing with clay as much as possible, preferably reusable polymer clay. Choosing the tools for sculpting is as important as the clay itself. For finer and coarser adjustments, different knives and tools are used. For creating a large 3D shaped model, you need the help of an armature. This is the internal foundation that makes a sculpture strong and functional. In order to keep the clay stick together, you’ll need to use water occasionally. Keeping a jar of water and cloth next to your art piece can help you shape the figure as and when needed. Having a balanced sculpture without trying to be symmetrical is the actual measure of success in clay sculpting.

Why sculpting classes from ipassio?

Top sculptors from all around the world offer live lessons at ipassio. Based on the student’s requirements and level of knowledge, our teachers will guide them to sculpt better. Depending on the teacher, you’ll be briefed on various types of sculpting, be it clay, ceramic, marble or stone sculpting. With extensive knowledge on sculpting, teachers will help you understand different types of clay, especially polymer clay which behaves much different from natural water-based clay. You can access classes from renowned sculptors conveniently from the comfort of your home.

Topics to be covered

Students will be taught how to choose the right type of clay. Before beginning to sculpt a model, teachers show how to use the power of observation to identify detailed features of a character. Having proportions and placements marked out for students will be critical to sculpt better. For sculpting human figurines, especially heads, it is important to place smaller features with precision and knowledge of symmetry. Different tools such as dentist and ball stylus tools will help to sculpt finer details to the project.

Types of sculpting materials and tools

Popular types of materials used in sculpting 3-dimensional figures are water-based clay, plastilina and wax. Special types of polymer clay can also be used which are very user-friendly. Plastilina is an oil and wax based clay; self-hardening clay has a ceramic body with natural additives and pottery or ceramic clay is made from clay base and additional components. There are many types of sculpting tools, which can be used for carving, cutting, scraping, shaping, smoothing and detailing. Most common tools used for cutting and scraping are wire end modeling tools and hardwood modeling tools. Size of the tools you choose to sculpt will be determined by the size of the model.


Can I learn sculpting online?

An art form like sculpting requires hands-on experience. You have to watch your instructor carry out a procedure and repeat the same on your own. Online classes that offer live individual learning opportunities are best suited for this purpose. These sculpting courses are customized as per the learning objectives and grasping capacities of the students. In the free one-to-one meeting session, you can discuss everything in detail. The teacher creates a lesson plan that is best suited for you.

What materials should I carry for the online sculpting classes?

Your teacher will give you the list of materials that you will need for your online sculpting classes.

How soon can I learn sculpting?

The time it takes to learn sculpting can vary widely depending on several factors, including your prior artistic experience, the type of sculpting you're interested in, the resources available to you, and the amount of time and effort you're willing to invest. It's difficult to provide a specific timeframe because learning is a personal journey, and everyone progresses at their own pace. Some people may start creating basic sculptures relatively quickly, while others may take more time to master advanced techniques. Set realistic goals, celebrate small achievements, and be patient with yourself as you embark on your sculpting journey. Remember that the learning process itself can be enjoyable and rewarding.

Will the teacher assign any activity for me to do at home?

Yes. The teacher will give you small tasks that you can carry out daily till the next class. If you follow the instructions of your teacher you will learn the craft faster.

How can I quicken the process of learning the art?

There are several steps you can take to quicken the learning process. They are - Create a dedicated sculpting workspace at home. Invest in good sculpting materials for better results. Start with fundamental shapes and forms. Sculpt from photos or objects to develop observational skills. Try different sculpting mediums to broaden your skills. Establish specific sculpting projects to work on. Share your work for constructive input from others. Consistent practice reinforces your skills. Understand human or animal anatomy for figurative sculpting. Connect with sculptors online or in local art groups for support and learning.

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