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Personalized & Interactive 1-on-1 classes

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About Online Ghazal Classes

Ghazals are highly philosophical Urdu poetries weaved into a melody that complements their core emotion. It is indeed one of the most advanced levels of vocal music. It is considered to be the hardest-to-sing genre under the category of semi-classical music. That’s because it requires not only a very high vocal prowess but also the ability to express deep emotions in a soulful manner. The other significant parameter for singing Ghazal is getting the correct pronunciation of the Urdu words.

The impact of a Ghazal has to be heartwrenching - always. And that’s a mandate. Otherwise, it fails its purpose. Ghazal is certainly not for absolute newbies unless you already have a knack for it. Ghazals are usually introduced to intermediate students who are close to the completion of their intermediate levels. It is best suited for advanced-level students or professionals who have already practiced ragas and other semi-classical genres.

Singing Ghazals with perfection is an aspiration of every vocalist. But it’s a hard-earned aspiration. It requires a very able and experienced mentor who can guide you to have the right approach to the Ghazal.

If you dream of giving voice to your favorite Ghazals, you can connect with some of the ace vocalists and experienced teachers on Here you can get customized, individual classes that aptly cater to your learning objectives. These online Ghazal classes are conducted live through upgraded meeting applications. Numerous benefits include getting an opportunity for pre-enrollment interaction with your mentor, pay-as-you-go and always having the support team from ipassio by your side for a glitch-free learning experience.


Who are the famous Ghazal singers that the students should follow?

Some of the popular contemporary Ghazal singers include - Mehdi Hasan, Begum Akhtar, Pankaj Udas, and Jagjit Singh.

Is it hard to learn Ghazal?

Ghazal is one of the most beautiful and captivating musical genres. Ghazal is deep and layered in the thought that goes behind it. And it requires the right kind of mindset to appreciate a Ghazal as well as sing it. Hence, yes, it is indeed hard to sing Ghazal but it is not impossible. It completely depends on your mentor and how effective his/ her teaching methodology is. Hence, if you are passionate about learning Ghazal, first connect with a good mentor. Find a good learning platform.

Is there any recommended age group for learning Ghazal online?

The is no age limit for learning. However, Ghazal’s are primarily steeped in some deeper philosophy that needs to be expressed and emoted through the voice. Hence, more suited for advanced learners who are at least in their teens.

How much does it cost?

The fees for online Pop singing classes are charged on a per-session basis. It also depends on the level - beginners, intermediate and advanced.

What is the duration of one session?

The online live classes are held for one hour.

What attributes are required for becoming a Ghazal singer?

The most important attribute is to be able to emote through your voice. Having an excellent vocal range and the ability to play harmonium is an added advantage.

Is Ghazal an Indian musical form?

Ghazal is primarily sung by the singers of India and Pakistan. More than being a song, Ghazal is believed to be a lyrical recitation of poetries.

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