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Pursue Ghazal Singing Online with ipassio’s Online Ghazal Lessons where enrolled students are taught exclusively online, live, and on a 1-on-1 basis. Pick one of these Ghazal courses and begin your hobby journey today!

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The ghazal is a type of poetry that dates back to the 7th century and is derived from Arabic traditions. Ghazals did not become popular in India until Sufi saints began migrating to the country under Islamic Sultanates. Mystics utilised ghazals to ex...Read more

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Ghazal lessons are taught online via video conferencing tools by teachers with decades of experience in teaching Urdu and Hindi ghazals. You'll be receiving personalized training from these renowned musicians.

Choose any of the courses offered by various ghazal teachers from India. Based on your goals and level of knowledge, custom lesson plans will be made. Read more about the courses from the list above.

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About Online Ghazal Lessons

Ghazal writing for beginners

Ghazals are written in both Hindi and Urdu. Before you start writing, you need to understand the basics of poetry. You'll need to construct a message, that could be a thought, idea, warning, experience or even warnings. Your message determines how impactful your ghazal is. Once the message is finalized, work on a creative way to convey the message. It should be unique, attractive and easy to understand to the audience. Writing Ghazal is very interesting. The craft of your poetry determines literary merit. It consists of a series of couplets with the same number of syllables on each line. A minimum of 5 couplets is required for the theme of the poem to be conveyed. Choosing a radif, which is a word or a group of words that is used at the end of each verse, is a critical step. Then students will need to choose a rhyme a.k.a qaafiya. Students will be required to listen to hundreds of Ghazals to really understand the structure of a poem. An experienced teacher can guide you through the right steps to learn how to write and sing ghazals for beginners.

Why ghazal lessons from ipassio?

ipassio has some of the top shayaris and poets from India. These authentic practitioners of ghazal offer lessons to people from all over the world. You'll learn the right methods of singing a ghazal as well as writing one. The art and craft involved in writing a ghazal are covered so that students write better. Students have the provision of paying for a minimum of only 2 classes at a time. Based on the language of the student, teachers teach in both Hindi and Urdu. A customized lesson plan for ghazal will be created for students based on their style and their skills. This ensures that beginners and advanced users learn shayaris according to their skills. Separate learning methodology is employed for adults and kids as well.

Topics to be covered

Most courses begin with learning about the art of Ghazal music, its origin as well as Urdu and Hindi poetry, which form the foundation of this musical form. Students will be taught various forms of poetic expressions through voice modulation. Depending on the course, students will be taught various accents and pronunciations of Shayari, tune, and raag of the Ghazals and voice training. Students will also be taught to pick a good sense of rhythm. A basic understanding of the languages, Hindi and Urdu will additionally help students to grasp the lessons better. Up to 12 musical notes will be identified by the students at the end of the beginner course along with several taals including Keherwa, Dadra, and Rupak. As and when required certain basics of classical music are also covered.

History of Ghazal

Ghazal is a type of poetry developed in the 10th century in Persia from an Arabic verse form called 'qasida'. Ghazal became a poetic genre of its own during the Umayyad Era and with the spread of Islam, Ghazal spread across the world. During the Mughal invasion in the 12th century, this art form was introduced to India. Ghazal is practiced in both Hindi and Urdu. Ghazals usually cover the topics related to love, the pain of loss, separation, etc. The emphasis on Ghazals is on the words and less on the music. Though the ghazal was initially composed on a religious theme, it swayed towards a romantic theme later.