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Unique Gifts for Raksha Bandhan

21 Aug 2023


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Gift ideas for Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is inching closer. Like every year, the one thing that is top of everyone’s mind is - the gift. The excitement for the gifts for Raksha Bandhan varies with different age groups. Choosing a perfect gift for your siblings and cousins involves a lot of planning and consideration.

A gift is a token that reveals how you feel about the other person. And the moment of truth is when that person unboxes the gift. Because it shows how well you know your brother/s and sister/s and how much you care about what they need. The best gifts are the ones that are personalized and last a lifetime - just like the bond shared by siblings and cousins.    

There are umpteen options for Raksha Bandhan gifts for sisters and brothers. Topping the chart are - irresistible offers from the major brands. But fashion trends come and go. Trips, pampering sessions, and club memberships are also a passe. So how about gifting online hobby classes to your siblings and cousins?

Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas for Sisters and Brothers

Well, why not? First of all - a hobby is not just an activity to engage in our free time. It is much beyond that. Oftentimes, these activities become our passion. They give us a sense of accomplishment. More importantly, there is one hobby for everyone. Neither there is any upper limit of age nor the need for prior training. 

The popular belief is that it becomes easy to pick up new skills if you start it in your early years. Hence, parents initiate kids to hobby classes from the tender age of three or four. However, there are examples of senior citizens starting new musical instrument courses, gardening, and many such activities. 

We are fortunate to live at a time when learning or acquiring new skills has become so easy. Ed-tech platforms like ipassio.com are trying to bring all possible resources to the students. They aim to provide a maximized learning experience from the comfort of their homes and at their convenient time.

Thanks to the new age knowledge sharing/ acquiring process, age is no more a barrier to learning new skills. Nor do you need to have prior knowledge about it. In online, live, and individual classes - like the ones that ipassio.com offers, teachers adopt a unique approach for every student after evaluating their proficiency levels and learning abilities.   

Also, just like learning a new skill helps kids in their development process, it supports adults to boost their productivity at work and deal with stress. For senior citizens, hobbies help to prevent cognitive degeneration that leads to diseases like Parkinson's and dementia.  

Most importantly, hobbies will allow your loved ones to pursue their passion. Many people have to leave their hobbies mid-way to focus on ‘priorities’ in life. Your sibling or cousin must have had a hobby that has remained unvisited for years. Who would know it better than you? Your Raksha Bandhan gift this year could give them a chance to go back in time and pick up a skill from where they had left it. 

So, what are some of the most favored hobby classes you can choose as a gift this Raksha Bandhan? And how can it be a delight for every age group? Let’s find out.

Classical Vocal music

Music and rhythm are at the core of our existence. However, only a lucky few can manifest it through their voice. In the Indian context, legends have it - Goddess Saraswati bestows the timbre and voice quality of a singer. The concept of amusia or tone-deafness is also real. Hence, people who have a good voice, are in tune and love to sing - should never give it up.   

People who can sing well mesmerize a crowd and can win hearts with the least effort. At the same time, classical vocal music is not just to impress others. It is also the best way to connect with your inner self.    

You can take a pick from Indian or Western classical depending on what your sibling or cousin is inclined to. 

Instrumental music

Having an understanding of musical notes or having an ear for music is essentially an inherent virtue. The ones who own it should never waste it. The ambit of instrumental music is immeasurable. In terms of instruments - the choice is endless. 

It is amazing how the early humans used regular things like hollow pipes, membranes to cover open vessels of different shapes, and strings attached to wooden planks to create music. It is even more intriguing how these have refined over the years to become instruments like flute, tabla, guitar, violin, and many more.

Learning instrumental music makes kids good in science and maths. It helps in a better outlet of creativity and emotion, thus making a person very calm and balanced. It enhances the brain's capacity to focus more, learn faster, and retain better. It helps in neurophysiological functions for kids whose brain cells are developing, elderly people who are experiencing overall degeneration, and the ones in between to manage stress in their day-to-day lives.   

Drawing and Painting

Just like music, colors, too, have a major impact on our lives. The ability to perceive something and express it on paper with pencils, pens, and colors sets an artist a notch above the rest. Drawing is considered to be the best expressive art form. It boosts mindfulness and an eye for detail among kids. Drawing tranquilizes the mind and improves concentration and fine motor skills. It also helps people dealing with neurological disorders.

The options for drawing classes include - sketching, portraits, photo-realistic drawing, oil painting, acrylic painting, and many more.                               


We mentioned before that music and rhythm are a part of our existence. Dance is just another graceful manifestation of the same. It is the best way to channel energy, promote fitness and mind-body coordination, and release stress. Every dancer is trained to have an impressive stage presence. It helps in personality development and boosts confidence. An Indian classical dance class would be a perfect Raksha Bandhan gift for sisters.     

As much as dance is essential for kids, it’s equally essential for adults. We do something or the other every day for fitness. That includes running on the treadmill, lifting weights, doing yoga, pilates, and likes. What about replacing these activities with dance? The dance will address not only your physical fitness but will replenish you mentally and emotionally as well.  

Regional & Folk Songs

So there are a lot of takers for Indian classical, western classical, and all other genres of music. But people who pick the regional and folk songs are extremely special and their journey is also unmatched. Because the people who culture and preserve any form of regional or folk art like to remain close to their roots. Hence, they command a lot of respect. Folk songs exude a strong pitch and energy that make their renditions so magnetic. Pick a course to learn regional and folk songs to be a part of this revered clan.   

Movie Songs

Singing movie songs is an aspiration for many. Be it a Hindi movie song or any other language, we all want to keep a movie song ready for singing on every occasion. Learning movie songs involves a combination of melody, precision, and emotion. And at heart, every music lover wants to master all of this. Movie songs are the ones that the mass mostly relate to and hence they would make all heads turn towards you if you can sing them properly. Hence, pick a course to learn to sing movie songs for gifting on this Raksha Bandhan. It will leave you and your listeners in a happy space. 


We all know what our siblings are best at. And we all know when and why they stopped pursuing their passion. This Raksha Bandhan, why not take a step to bring those moments of joy back into their lives? Why not re-ignite their passion? 

What are you waiting for? Connect with the ipassio team and pick a hobby course for your sibling/cousin.

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