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Charcoal Painting, Coffee Painting & Zentangles

by Priyanka Agarwal

This course separately touches on three different art forms namely charcoal painting, coffee painting and zentangles. Students in separate sessions will be taught the use of charcoal for the purpose of charcoal painting. The art of coffee painting as well as working with different lines and patterns to create unique designs through the art form of zentangles. Students pursuing the course, on conclusion will be able to use charcoal and coffee as mediums for their paintings and use varied designs utilising zentangles to create art pieces.

  • Course Duration5 Weeks

  • Course LevelBeginner

  • Instruction LanguageEnglish

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Educator Profile

Priyanka Agarwal

12 Years Experience

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords:
    Sketching, Drawing, Painting
  • Education

    Post Baccalaureate from San Francisco Art Institute, California, USA

  • Work Details

    Founder - Chhavi-art workshops for kids and adults to express their inner soul

    Art Educator - Neev Academy

    Art critic -

Course Details

This course will look at three different art forms in separate sessions. The teacher will teach students the art of charcoal painting using the medium of charcoal. Students get to know the brief history of charcoal used as a medium of art from thousands of years. This course will then teach students on drawing or sketching with charcoal, how to make an outline, how to get the details etc. Further on, students get to learn the subtraction or addition method dominant when using charcoal for a piece of art. Subtraction in charcoal art, meaning applying a layer of charcoal on the sheet to erase out specific areas keeping in mind the lightness of shade or effect to be achieved. Similarly, the addition method will teach students on the way to make a portion of a drawing or painting look dense applying extra layers of charcoal. The final section of charcoal painting will guide students to use the medium of charcoal to create a still life art piece.

This course on coffee painting will look at using coffee as a medium for painting or creating an art piece. Coffee as a readily available ingredient is an exciting medium to work with. Though working with coffee creates monochromatic paintings, there are various effects and variations that can be achieved using coffee as a painting medium to make coffee painting different or realistic. Students in this course will also learn how to use coffee to get a variety of variations from the really dark tone to the lighter tone by adding water to coffee. They will also be taught the use of a brush used for painting the different portions in a coffee artwork. In this entire learning process, the student will be guided to create a complete art piece, right from drawing to filling it up or painting it with coffee to create a unique piece of art.

Next up, in this course students will get trained on Zentangles, which is an art of intricately using or incorporating lines and patterns in an art piece to create an independent design. It relies on creating structured patterns using different shapes to give, the piece of art, a uniqueness of its own. Students will be guided to use gel pens to challenge their creativity, to create one comprehensive design in color. Zentangles apart from being an exciting art form is also therapeutic in nature, requiring a lot of attention to detailing and constant emphasis on imagination.

About Priyanka Agarwal: Priyanka Agarwal’s name is synonymous with art. She is an artist in the true sense of the word. Earning a Post Baccalaureate from the prestigious San Francisco Art Institute in 2007 has only added to her repertoire and confidence. As someone who believes that art is a medium to express your inner-self and find yourself through this process, Priyanka has never been short of expression. Through the years she has expressed art through not just one medium but a variety of mediums in her own unique style. A style that has won her innumerable accolades and a beeline of admirers. She has showcased her work through umpteen solo as well as group exhibitions. Currently, Priyanka owns and heads  Studio Chhavi, which runs programs in arts and photography with the motto of helping individuals discover their inner selves through the medium of art.


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